Prevention and Treatment of Motion Sickness

On the third day of the voyage, the weather took a turn for the worse. The sky turned dark grey and the sea became rough and tumultuous. The passenger ship tossed from side to side. Joyce felt an unsettling sensation within her stomach. She retired early to her cabin, laid down and tried to read. […]

Medical assistance when facing medical emergency during travel

Business opportunities have taken executives to all corners of the world. At the same time, more holiday makers are venturing into exotic and remote locations. With this increase in travel, travelers should spare a thought for emergency medical assistance in areas that may not offer the necessary medical services or care at the level to […]

6 Crucial Jet Lag Remedy

Be on opposite sides of the globe on the same day! Physically possible with the man made wonder of the 21st century – the aeroplane. You can leave Tokyo at noon for New York and arrive there at 10.15 am. the same day. However, you do have a price to pay when crossing multiple time […]