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Headout Review – Tour Booking Experience

You no longer have to stress for weeks in advance about what you’re going to do on your next vacation. Simply head out and enjoy the experience. 

What is Headout?

Headout is a travel app and website that allows you to book tours, activities, and attractions in cities around the world. It’s an easy and convenient way to plan your travel itinerary and make the most of your trip. 

Headout helps you discover and book unique experiences that you may not have found otherwise, from guided tours and cooking classes to theater tickets and outdoor adventures.

How Does It Work

It’s super simple to book an experience at Headout. Simply search for a particular activity or tour you are interested in. Alternatively, search tours by destination.

Once you have selected an activity, the site tells you everything that is included in the package. If a ticket is available at a discount you will find that out too.

It’s moreover possible to choose different currencies and pay in the currency you want. You can also find out how high a particular experience is ranked and how many reviews it has.

Headout’s Customer Service

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, travel has been one big question mark – especially the hassle of canceling reservations. It’s always nerve-racking wondering if you’ll actually get a refund or if you’ll be out of luck on a trip canceled due to COVID. Rest assured if you using Headout, you don’t have to give this a second thought. 

Headout’s customer service is above and beyond. You can contact them via email or you can talk to someone from their 24-hour support team on their website’s live chat option. They typically respond within minutes of your chat request.

Excellent Deals

As you’ll see as you navigate the Headout site, they offer all kinds of special discounts to help you out. They also have the Headout cashback scheme where you can sign up to get cashback on whichever tours you book, and then use the money at a later date on site.

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