Canary Islands, Tenerife slide show

Our family visited the Spanish Canary Islands this winter. We enjoyed a week of hiking, eating, and beach going on Tenerife. Here’s a sampling of our best photos (click on photo below).

Europe has its worst travel day ever–and our family was right there in the thick of it

3 p.m. This story starts with a phone call to Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

“Hello, is the 5:50 p.m. flight to London delayed or canceled?”

“No, still on schedule.”

“But I’ve heard that all flights out of SFO are delayed three hours due to weather and Heathrow is also experiencing major delays.”

“On schedule. You better get to […]

WSJ: Kids-free flights?

The Wall Street Journal has brought up the tired debate over kids on airplanes yet again. An article in The Juggle blog asks whether there should be planes segregated into kiddie and kid-free zones.

One well-publicized (and admittedly unscientific) survey last summer of some 2,000 passengers by Skyscanner, a fare-comparison site, found that nearly 60% of […]

Should I be concerned about bringing my kids to London this winter?

Over a year ago my father made a big announcement at a family dinner: “I’m taking you all to London for Christmas!”

He shared that spending a Dickensesque holiday with his kids and grandchildren was a longtime dream and he ordered us all to start shopping for flights. Who can argue with that? We were all […]

Fall train trips

USA Today put together a roundup of 10 train trips that take you through leafy landscapes. Here are three and read the full story to find out about all 10.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RailroadChama, N.M.America’s highest and longest steam narrow-gauge railroad starts in northern New Mexico, and climbs over a 10,000-foot pass, covering […]