Cheap Hotel Prices?

cheap  hotel prices

Finding a cheap hotel near? I was wondering how many millions of people are concerned with that question this year? I am looking for a cheap hotel close to? Or maybe this one I want to stay at a cheap hotel close to? I was recently looking to make some reservations for a little vacation that we are trying to reserve for an extra long weekend later on in the year. I just noticed how I was constantly searching for a cheap hotel near such and such city when it occurred to me how many more millions of people have adjusted their search for travel reservations to include the term a cheap hotel near.

We thought about that simple phrase and how many thousands of people are keying in cheap hotels near my destination city. I think it just speaks volumes to how much we as a people have moved in our priorities to go on cheap vacations at the cheaper hotels we can discover. Think about that for a second it was probably not that long ago, perhaps maybe only a year ago when you were making reservations at the most convenient hotels you wanted to stay at. Giving more priority to convenience and over the top stuff as opposed to the prices on the hotel. People were staying as close to their destination as they could and usually in the best hotel that cash could buy. If you are like us than finding the most affordable hotel near or the cheapest hotel in the area that you want to stay but the cheapest hotels get priority.

Just when you do a quick search on the internet on finding the cheapest hotel near you come up with almost 50 millions hits about cheap hotels. Do another search on the internet only instead of looking up the cheapest hotel near this time look up the luxury hotel closest to, wow what a difference it’s only about eleven million sites for that. That is almost an even five cheap hotels to every one for luxury hotels closest to. I do not remember searching to reserve a vacation in the past with the goal of getting the cheapest hotel near. Normally the first thing we would look for when making a reservation for our accommodations would be finding the best hotel with all the extras and in the location we wanted it to be in. If that meant costing us a few more dollars that was OK, but now that the economy is in a total mess. The cheap hotels statement is at the top of our priorities as we look to plan and book our next vacation.

Considering that sites like travelocity and orbitz would not be in business today if not for the fact that we are all about finding the cheapest hotel rates. That whole travel website industry was founded on that simple little phrase if you think about it, travelers searching for the cheapest hotel rates. That phrase and online travel sites like those with the ease of access on the internet have come together to pretty much put an end to the careers of travel agents all over the world.

So now we are getting some news updates of travel advisers from different travel sites waiting for the best cheap hotel near rate that we can get. I will say this for the recession it sure has the made the finding of cheap hotels near our desired location all the more enjoyable as the hotel rates compared to last year must be a good 10% cheaper than they were just a year ago. Hopefully there is some comfort in knowing as each week goes by and we see cheaper hotel rates than we saw just a couple of weeks back that at least we will have no problems finding a cheap hotel near, for this year anyway.

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