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CTrip.com – If the rating scale is from A to F where A is = Best, this site certainly deserves a solid A. The booking was simple and any questions were easily answered via email (always got a polite response either same day or the next business day depending on when I email them) or on-line chat service. Note that the online service is operated during Asia time zone, meaning evenings for me in EST zone.

Although Ctrip offers services covering hotels, tours, trains and a whole bunch more, among the expat community they are primarily known as the go-to place to buy flight tickets in China.

There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is a well-designed website that is available in perfectly-translated English. It feels like any other booking website you’re already used to using.

In addition to the English-language site, however, I really enjoy using CTrip because:

  1. They accept foreign credit cards
  2. They have a free mobile app
  3. They have English-speaking customer support

Earning Points:

Every time you book with Ctrip online or by phone, you earn Ctrip Points which can be redeemed for great rewards, from free hotels stays and domestic flights to mobile phones and tour packages.

Future Trips

Sure, there are some kinks, but next time I have a trip to China, I’m definitely checking out C Trip first to find the deepest discounts and start earning some points for future travel!

>> Click Here to Visit English Ctrip Website

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