Grosvenor Chapel- a Charming Sight

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The glorious capital of the United Kingdom, London is an amazing city and by most measures the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union.  It is the world’s largest commercial hub second to New York and the base of dozens of Europe’s top companies.  It is a leading global city with its strengths in commerce, arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, professional services, media, education, research and development, transport and tourism.  It is also the most visited city in the world with its five international airports connecting the world, making its airspace the busiest of any global city in the world.   London is also home to a very friendly local community which is made up of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

The Grosvenor Chapel is situated in the heart of Mayfair and served as its official parish since the 1730’s, offering the locals a chance to express their faith to the lord and enriching their lives.  Being a part of the Church of England’s Diocese of London, the Chapel’s congregation is made up of locals, travelers from other areas of the city or those visiting London.  “Unafraid to reason, unashamed to adore” being their motto, people who are originally from different Christine traditions become a part of the parish.  Being open-minded and inclusive, it welcomes a community of faith.  Their packed program includes religious events, Sunday studies, educational trips, lunches, and concerts all around the year and welcomes all visitors as well.

Named after Sir Richard Grosvenor who laid claim to most of the land in the surrounding area on 7th April 1730, the new chapel was ready for use in 1731.  The chapel had been a spiritual sanctuary to a variety of popular individuals, including members of the royal family.  The records on the tablet outside the west wall shows that men and women who served in the World War II fighting for the American forces were invited to the Chapel for the weekly Sunday mass and following the conflict the congregation was known to include famous poets and even writers.


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