Q&A-i am trying to find a cheap hotel in or near mao valverde dominican republic?

valverde hotels

Question: i am trying to find a cheap hotel in or near mao valverde dominican republic?
i am traveling in feburary 2007


Answer by Mari
Honey, there are no hotels in that area, you can find motels and places to stay but not in the hotel categories.
the nearest area were you can find a decent hotel is Santiago, and that is not so close. I imagine if you are going to that place, you know someone in the area, if you do, ask them to help you find something nice by the time you get there.
when i say decent hotel i mean a hotel with facilities and nice instalations, like a nice lobby, nice bedrooms with ac conditioned for all tipe aof guests

Question: Rate My Fantasy Baseball TEAM!!! BBB Double Play?
8 Team league, Head-to-head. I picked 3rd overall.

Team: “Wrecking Hotel Rooms”

C – Ivan Rodriguez
1B – David Ortiz
2B – Chone Figgins
3B – Ryan Zimmerman
SS – Hanley Ramirez
OF – Alfonso Soriano
OF – Adam Dunn
OF – Nick Markakis
Utility – Paul Konerko
Utility – Shane Victorino
Bench – Ken Griffey Jr.
Bench – Jim Thome
Bench – Troy Glaus
Bench – Yunel Escobar
Bench – Carlos Delgado

SP – Erik Bedard
SP – Brandon Webb
RP – Jose Valverde
RP – Huston Street
P – John Lackey
P – A.J. Burnett
P – Gil Meche
Bench – B.J. Ryan
Bench – Jeremy Accardo
Bench – C.J. Wilson
Bench – Troy Percival
Bench – Matt Capps
DL – Yovani Gallardo

11+ to the best, most in depth answer!
How is this a bad bench lol? These guys are starters on most team, yes it is an 8 team league, but I would have to disagree and say my bench is a strength.


Answer by Fez’s World
overall pretty good team i’ll probably give it an 8 becasue ur in an 8 men league.

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  • lil_boy_sets_fire

    about a 6 your bench is weak in a 8 man league im sure you could of got a better pitching staff and zimmerman at 3rd isnt great i dont know why you didnt go after another second baseman and use figgins somewhere else most your outfielders are old bench is old there was alot of ways you could of improved

  • the dude

    Your starters are pretty good and strong but your bench is weak you need to try to make a big trade with someone else to get a big power hittter. I like your pitchers though theyare going to dominate this season. So 8 out of 10. good luck this season!!!!!!!

  • Brad D

    Starting with your pitching you have two fantasy studs in Bedard and Webb. You might want to look for another starter to begin the season with the arm troubles Lackey is having, he won’t start until May from what I have heard. You have a lot of decent RP if you want to trade, or hope Gallardo comes off the DL. He should put up good numbers for the Brewers.
    Your Offense looks decent, Pudge is not bad if you could not get one of the top four Catchers. Who knows how much better his numbers might be in Detroit. Ortiz at 1b is a no-brainer. Figgins will give you a good average and stolen bases, but not much power. Zimmerman should put up better numbers this year moving into the new ballpark. Hanley Ramirez at SS is another no-brainer and could end up being the #1 player this year. Your OF is solid and you have two decent Utility players, Victorino should get you some more SB and Konerko has been pretty consistent. You have good flex-ability with your bench having a 1b, ss, 3b, of, and utility player. For the power you might even want to put Thome as utility in place of Konerko.
    Overall I think this team should have as good a chance as any in an 8 team league. Good luck on your season.

  • bowner

    Nice team,I think you can really win Butt Buddy Boys Double Play….8 out of 10

  • redsoxfan561

    This is a good team, and I’d give it an 8.5/10.

    C – Pudge is a solid catcher, but his stats have been getting worse each season.
    1B – When healthy, Ortiz can hit 40+ homeruns.
    2B – Figgins is versatile and great for BA and SB’s.
    SS – Hanley is a 30/50 threat.
    3B – Zimmerman is a great pick. He’ll improve from last year’s numbers.
    OF – Soriano is a legit 35/35 threat, and Dunn can hit 40+ homeruns but with a low BA. Markakis helps in all categories.
    Util – Victorino is great for SB’s, and Konerko has power.
    Bench – Thome is great when healthy. He has tons of power. Escobar is versatile, and Griffey is also good when healthy. Delgado is an injury risk and isn’t the same fantasy stud he once was, so I’d dump him. I’m also not a fan of Glaus either.

    SP – Bedard and Webb are two aces, and Lackey is a third when healthy. But, he’s going to miss 5-6 starts. Burnett is great for K’s but a bit of an injury risk, and Meche is solid. You do have two injured SP’s, so you may want to grab another.
    RP – You have many solid players here. Percival has looked great in spring training, and Capps is an underrated closer on a bad team. Wilson is decent, and either Accardo or Ryan will be the closer for the Jays. Whoever isn’t, you can just drop.

    Hope I helped!

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