Q&A-I got an job offer frm blue tower hotel and resort London and they are aking 230gbp for my work permit?

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Question: I got an job offer frm blue tower hotel and resort London and they are aking 230gbp for my work permit?
wat sud i do?


Answer by kittysue2000
There is no Blue Tower Hotel in London. They do not appear in any hotel guides. There is a Blue Tower Hotel in Amsterdam but nothing in London. Sounds like a SCAM

And if a company is sponsoring you for a work permit, THEY pay for the work permit, not the employee. I’ve worked in 4 different countries on a work permit, and in every case the hiring company has paid for my visa

And if this is their website http://bluetowerresort.com/ there is no such hotel anywhere in or near London. What type of hotel does not even list their address, reservation number, room rates, etc on their website? And if a hotel were really that large, don’t you think it would show up on every hotel booking site?

Question: Do you have information regarding recruitment for Sheraton Park Tower Hotel UK London?
Affirmation of details to submitt to: Barrister Zaklina Dragonovic
Tourism/Visa Process Director UK Immigration Services
56 Yorkshire Avenue – Lancashire
GB0098 Manchester London

Please confirm if this Job Placement is legal


Answer by Maggie

No UK company hires people from outside the UK/EU without interviewing them. It’s not allowed under UK immigration rules.

if any of the following are TRUE then it is a SCAM.

They claim to be a UK company
They have offered you a job but you have never contacted them.
The English is very bad.
They use 07 nos for contact (+447…..) Untraceable nos that can be redirected anywhere in the world
They use free email account for contact. (yahoo, hotmail etc) no real companies use free email accounts
They ask you to contact an agency to process work visas. It’s not done that way, the UK company deals directly with the Home Office, no middlemen involved.
They ask you to contribute any money to processing the documents. If offer was real, sponsor company would pay all costs
They ask you to send money by Western Union. Real company would not ask you to use this method of transferring money. It’s untraceable.
They ask you to provide them with personal information (passport details, address, bank details etc)

Do not respond to them – you will be put on a ‘mugs list’ and your details sold to other criminals.

Do not send them money – You will be helping to fund criminals and possibly terrorists.

Do not send money via Western Union to anyone you don’t know personally. No real company would ask you to transfer money in this way.

Do not give them any personal details – beware of identity theft or bank fraud. Your identity may also be used to commit further crimes and this could cause you serious problems in the future.

If you have given them any details, please read this.


Look at this, same scam different names, same addresses.

Please let as many people as you can know about this by emailing your address book and asking them to also pass it on. Knowledge is the only way to stop these criminals

Question: I have received a mail from SHERATON PARK TOWER HOTELS LONDON ,and received a appointment letter is it true?
REG NO: UK/32630171/0011
Sheraton Park Tower Hotel London
101 Knights bridge – London SW1X 7RN,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-7045769140,


Answer by NikkiBay8
NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fake! Anything from United Kingdom or Nigeria- anything that you did not sign up for yourself is FAKE! They are scammers trying to steal your money- be smart and don’t fall for it!

Question: i got the job in Sheraton Park Tower Hotels london whather it is good or fard?


Answer by sarch_uk
This is the official website for that hotel.

If the address and telephone number are exactly the same as you have been given then you may have been given a job. If the details are different then I suspect that you are being scammed, especially if the telephone number you have starts anything like +44 70. That type of number is regularly used in scams where people are supposed to have been given a job, and they are being asked to send money for a work permit/visa/flight ticket. There is no job and when people send money they never receive the documents and are generally asked for more money for other reasons.

I seriously think that you are being scammed (fraud)

What do you think? Share your opinion.

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  • rhymingron

    Learn to spell.

  • denizz d

    pls dont give them any money, i was victim of them couple of months ago and paid the first 230gbp, then they asked me for 490gbp for courier fees, as i was in other country, thats when i realized they were scammers., they offered a manager position, accommodation, flight tickets, language courses and work permit of course. i even talked to them by phone. anyway…just keep away from them.

  • NOLA guy

    You need to check with the hotel:


    Note that the phone numbers on the message you received don’t match the phone number for the hotel. If you copied & pasted the hotel’s name and address from the message, that also doesn’t quite match (ex. Knights bridge instead of Knightsbridge).

  • Kittysue

    It’s a scam – do not contact them

    First of all, the phone numbers +4470xx are not land lines. They are call forwarding numbers usually used by Nigerian scammers as the calls are rerouted anywhere in the world

    Second, a hotel in the UK cannot sponsor a foreign employee unless it’s an intercompany transfer, meaning you already work at a management level at Sheraton Hotels in your country and they are transferring you

    A company in the UK can only sponsor a foreign employee if they have advertised the position for a minimum of 6 weeks and NOT ONE EU citizen applied for the job. Considering there are 3 million unemployed people in the UK and each job posting is receiving a minimum of 150 applications, a hotel would never be able to sponsor a foreigner. There are plenty of UK and EU citizens who would take any hotel job that was offered

    DO NOT contact these people, DO NOT provide your passport details, DO NOT provide your bank account details

    The hotel even has a fraud warning on the careers section of their website

    You need to contact recruitmentfraud@starwoodhotels.com to report this scam

  • origamimark

    It’s a scam I reckon ! Knightsbridge is incorrectly spelt, and the phone numbers are for mobile phones.

  • morpheus8250

    If they wrote to you without you applying to them first, it’s a fake and probably a scam.

  • ピーター

    Well if it’s for a job offer meeting and you didn’t apply then it’s a scam.

  • momo

    Can you repeat the question please in English.

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