Q&A-If I go to the Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado and buy a ticket while there can i get a discount…?

Question: If I go to the Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado and buy a ticket while there can i get a discount…?
…if my friend is there with me and has a season pass to winter park?


Answer by robertocarlos16eatfresh
Depends on what kind of perks your friend gets. Why not just ask him?!?

Question: Working at Winter Ski Park Resort, Colorado?
I received a job offer in Winter Ski Park, Colorado and I was wondering about

1. how much money I should bring to survive for my initial 2 weeks there?

2. the bus fare from Denver Airport to that area and how long it will take from the airport to the resort?

3. The cheapest yet most reliable airline there is (I’ll be flying from Singapore to Denver)

4. Is it difficult to get some groceries, meaning you have to drive for several hours to go to a convenient store?

5. How’s the public transportation there? Is it easy to move around?

6. How about the accomodation there? Where can I get a decent yet inexpensive place to stay? (The cheapest housing for employee will cost me $ 250/mo, but since I’m still waiting for my visa, I can’t confirm it yet)

7. I’m an Indonesian Chinese, and as I know there are only 1 % Asian there, will it be a problem for me?

8. I want to learn how to ski and to snowboard, how much will it cost for some decent equipments?

Many thanks


Answer by Maddie A

Question: Where can I find discounted lift tickets for Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado – 4 days starting 12-18-09?


Answer by Sunshine

12/19 starts their “holiday prices” and 4 days is $ 336

Question: Should I work at Brighton or Park City Ski resort this winter? (salt lake city, utah)?
I will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah in the winter and have been offered jobs at both Park City Mountain Resort and Brighton Ski resort and am not sure which I should take. I would be working as a lift operator full time until the end of the season. Both jobs offer about the same pay and benefits. I am an intermediate to advanced level snowboarder.


Answer by dontknow
Brighton is smaller and less for the “in crowd” in tourism terms. probably will be a more laid back scenario. they are close enough so you can enjoy both. Park city would be my preference as far as riding goes.

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  • Bob

    I’m not an expert, but I’ve been to Winter Park several times, here are some ideas.

    1. Maybe $ US1000-$ 2000? Less if you’re resourceful about food and housing, more if you’re not.

    2. These people say $ 48. http://www.homejamestransportation.com/shuttle.php
    About 2 hours.

    3. Don’t know.

    4. No, unless your housing is very far out of town.. It’s a small town that has stores.

    5. There’s a shuttle bus in town. Depends on whether it goes where you want to go. If not, the only thing would be expensive taxis.

    6. It’s very expensive housing there in ski season. If you can get employee housing for $ 250/mo, that would be best. Otherwise you’ll probably have to find people working like you to share something with. Housing is often a big problem for ski area workers in Colorado. I’d worry the most about that.


    Most employers reserve dorm-style housing for seasonal workers. The resort also has a limited number of condos available for sublet to employees. Finding shared housing before the ski season begins is highly recommended. Another option is to check out the towns of Granby, eighteen miles away, or Grand Lake, thirty-five miles away. Consider subscribing to a local paper for current accommodation information.”

    7. Shouldn’t be a problem. The better your English, the easier it will be. If you spoke perfect English people would just assume you are Asian-American. If you can’t communicate well, some people will be mildly annoyed.

    8. Don’t know. You can rent stuff, too.

    This site has a lot of information.


  • Scott

    Winter park has many stores. No worries!! Food stores will be 10 minutes away!

    You can catch a bus from the airport to Union Station. From there, there is a train called “The ski train” There is a stop right in the center of winter park city.

    It does not matter what color skin you have, or where you are from. You will fit in just fine.

    Have fun!!

    If you would like to caontact me, send me an email at scott_kucharski@yahoo.com

    I live near winter park, and would gladly answer any questions.

    Have fun!

  • hockeyninja2003

    Well both are great for riding. But if you are living in SLC then brighton it’s closer. If you live in PC then go to PC. I would do PC but im very bias because that is where i grew up and skied my whole life so i dont know. I dont think you could go wrong with either.

  • r!de

    man your so lcuky noth places are so good

    park city is bigger (better park my opion) but more crowded

    brighton was a good park but sick riding the day I went cuz there was 6 in. of fresh pow and on some trails it was there most of the day so its wicked good conditions doesnt get icy quick
    park city = good park, good riding, big lines
    brighton = ok park, great riding (not as big), smaller lines

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