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Question: Leesburg/Lansdowne VA?
I am confused. Is the Lansdowne Resort in Lansdowne VA or Leesburg VA? The hotels website has contact info that says Lansdowne, but other places say Leesburg. It seems like these two places fall in the same zip code too.



Answer by Kate M
I used to work there actually. It is on the border of Leesburg/Sterling. It is confusing I know. Leesburg is probably 5-7 minutes from Lansdowne Resort.

Question: What should be done when one of Washington DC’s luxury resorts is raided for hiring illegal immigrants?
One of Washington D.C. area’s most lavish luxury resorts is at the center of a wide-ranging immigration raid.

The Lansdowne Resort in Lansdowne is where federal agents carried out an illegal worker crackdown.

In handcuffs, workers were taken from the resort. They included people who worked to clean the hotel, prepare food and landscape the lush grounds. There were almost sixty people who are suspected of being in the United States illegally.


Answer by forestbythesea
The immigrants need to be sent back to their countries, and the resort fined, heavily and possible jail time.

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  • novice

    The owners should have to pay big fines and lose their license to operate that place—there will be others who would take that opportunity to buy into the liceses to operate the resort…..

  • Jeff Smoker

    It’s actually in Leesburg, VA. which is about 30 miles west of D.C., and trust me, it’s really not that lavish. I’m a sales rep and Loudon County is in my territory.
    But anyway, if they are here illegally, they should be deported. What the hell is so hard to understand about that??
    That’s sixty more jobs legal citizens are now eligible for.

    I read your link, they didn’t even get the town right…

  • Kat M

    who ever owns the resort should lose it. they should take anyone who employs illegals and make them lose their businesses etc… just like they do with drug dealers!!!!!
    I loved that they carted off 60 illegals, i hope they do not release any of them. and it’s real scary that these illegals where preparing food in the hotel. imagine all the diseases they could have spread, but then again if one of those rich people would have caught a disease then maybe they would not be hiring them!!!

  • Willow

    You think that’s bad? Here in the UK we had illegal immigrants working in government departments, yes right under their own noses. Governments couldn’t give a stuff about illegals, they keep wage bills down after all. Think of all the cheap nannies, gardeners, pool attendants, cleaners etc the rich can now afford.

  • Joel W

    The owners should be in jail as I type. If they test the people who were arrested for communicable disease, the INS would protect American Citizens. If they don’t, and I don’t believe they will, they are essentially telling us the Congress wants to hide as much of their sin as they can.

  • billc4u

    first you need to go after the employers for they definitely knew that they were not legal, then you need to prosecute to the fullest extent both the law breakers (employers and illegals) and at the first opportunity you need to find out which of their clients are in public office then find out their voting records on this important issue and if they are pro illegal vote them out of office as the traitors to their children’s hertiage that they are

  • ♣Realdeal♣

    Uh just exactly what they did. Arrest the illegals. Probably will deport them 2.

  • georgestraitfan

    I agree with “forestby…”.

  • Micky

    The resort should be shut down and the owner put in prison.

  • Earl

    It is easier for most anyone to get a visa for work here in the U.S. than any other visa and especially a married spouse! What can be done? Send them home! There is only about a 3 to 4 month wait for a work visa! There is a 14 to 18 for a spouse! Who should be illegal and it make sense? A spouse whose Liberal leaning government keeps them apart while supporting the immigration of workers to take American jobs, then lies to us and tells us they are for the working man! That is expected from Liberals, for sure! Earl

  • Pure & Virgin, MD?

    Nothing, maybe they were doing a good job there.

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