2009: Children?s Holiday Fashion Trends Traditional Classic Colors, Prints and Designs Take Center Stage

holiday fashion

As budget conscious families look to get more wear from their holiday frocks they turn to fashions that can be worn by their children much longer than the parties or one time family photo.

This year, holiday fashions stay true to traditional looks. The classic dress of First Lady Michelle Obama and her girls and a more conservative approach to holiday shopping put traditional looks center stage this year, with a few twists.

Look in any children’s store this holiday season and you’ll see argyles and plaids in traditional reds and greens. From large department stores to chic boutiques these traditional prints make a huge presence this year and they’re not just for shirts and dresses.  You’ll see them on shoes, socks, hats and everything in between. With fine touches of rich velvets that add to the luxurious looks we’ve come to love, children can be stylishly dressed for the holidays and well into the New Year.

For the shopper who’s willing to throw caution to the wind the hot color combination this season are rich plums and purples combined with deep raspberry and reds.  Mixing plaids and argyles is not off limit either; for boys considering mixing a deep red and plum plaid shirt with a bold argyle vest in the same color tones.  Metallic accents in gold and silver remain popular and cultural and ethnic influences, like kimono style wrap skirts, tops and dresses are introduced this season to keep your child stylishly inspired.

For whimsical inspirations look for tutus and tutu-esq inspired fashions for girls and ruffles, ruffles, ruffles!

Virgin Australia