Aberdeen: The Silver City And Places To Visit

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city, in relationship to population numbers. Since the mid eighteenth century Aberdeen’s buildings have been built using local grey granite and the city is well known for its sandy coastline. This has led to the city being nicknamed the Granite City and also the Silver City with the Golden Sands. However in more recent times the city has also gained the nicknames of the Oil Capital of Europe or the Energy Capital of Europe due to the discovery of oil in the North Sea. The city has greatly benefitted from the revenue generated by the oil industry and the support industries. Today Aberdeen is thoroughly modern and incredibly vibrant with a lively nighlife.

Aberdeen hotels are often booked by business visitors but also by various other types of folk wishing to take advantage of the many visitor attractions the city has to offer. Below you will find details of 3; Duthie Park Winter Gardens, Aberdeen Maritime Museum and Satrosphere Science Centre:

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen’s Maritime Museum is found close by the harbor, at the legendary Shiprow. There are awe inspiring sights of the harbour from the museum. The Maritime Museum inhabits quite a few buildings, including a former church and one of the oldest dwellings in Aberdeen. The museum has exhibits that cover everything relating to the oceanic environment, from fishing boats to the oil industry. In essence, the museum tells theĀ  story of the city’s epic relationship with the ocean. Some of the collections contain models, paintings, photographs and ship plans from the greatest shipbuilders of Aberdeen.

Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Lady Elizabeth Duthie of Ruthrieston,in 1881, gifted to the council, 44 acres of land. The land for the park was purchased, as a lasting memorial to her uncle and brother. In 1899, the gardens were ready, and were opened to the public. However, in 1969 misfortune occurred and the greenhouses had to be demolished and reconstructed. This was due to horrendous storm damgage. Today, the David Welch Winter Gardens at Duthie Park are one of Scotland’s favourite garden attractions, and also the largest indoor gardens in the whole of Europe. Each greenhouse has an important collection such as, the .Temperate House, Victorian House, Japanese Garden, Fern House, Tropical House and Corridor of Perfumes.

Satrosphere Science Centre

In Aberdeen, the Satrosphere Science Center was one of the first science and discovery centers in Scotland. This hands-on, interactive science center, has over fifty exhibits and live science demonstrations, and opened to the public in 1988. Even though the center is aimed at primary age children, the appeal of the exhibits is universal. The center is located in the old tram sheds, near to the beach, on Constitution Street. The purpose is to inspire teenagers to become scientist’s, as entry into science courses in universities, is in decline. One of the best loved exhibits at the center is the famous giant soap bubble, where each child can be encircled in a magic bubble.

There are many more visitor attractions in and about Aberdeen which are worthwile visiting and those described above were chosen randomly. If you are planning to visit Aberdeen, Scotland then you will find numerous quality hotels in Aberdeen, or various other types of accommodation, available to book online.

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