Alaska Adventure Tour Redefined

Some of the last remaining terrain untouched by man is found in the Alaskan wilderness. There, one will discover the magnificent lakes and rivers with crystal clear water, surrounded by tree-saturated hills, the framework of splendid century-old forests. In these ancient woods resides the aboriginal wildlife, many species of which are among the most endangered on earth, living untouched and without constraint. Are you looking for the perfect outdoor vacation? Start planning an Alaskan adventure vacation, the utopia of fishermen, hikers, boaters, and campers alike. Discover the outdoorsman in you and your family, with an adventure vacation in Alaska!

The Wildlife

Alaska goes through great lengths to ensure the survival of its many rare and endangered species of wildlife. The state houses several wildlife preserves and national parks, where manner of creature such as bears, foxes, Caribou, and Moose. Several species of whale, many of which are endangered, can be seen in their natural habitats, along with otters and sea lions. The plethora of bird species will have every birdwatcher on their toes, camera ready and eager for sightings. If you are lucky, you may sight a Grey Owl, an Osprey, or even a Bald Eagle.

The Fishing

One of the more acclaimed activities in Alaska is the legendary fishing. With every body of water brimming with fish, Alaska is the true fisher’s paradise. Try your luck at catching Salmon, Trout, or Halibut from the bountiful lakes and streams, and enjoy the satisfaction of catching your scrumptious dinner for the night.


Embark upon a voyage by sea, and undertake the challenge of baiting a King Salmon, the ultimate catch in Alaska, and a true test of a fisherman’s skill. Or spend a relaxing day enjoying the scenic views of an Alaskan lakeside, taking in the unparalleled view of the wilderness. Whatever your calling, Alaska will be sure to provide a fishing story worth telling.

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