Barbados Is A Caribbean Vacation Destination Of A Lifetime

Barbados was the name the Portuguese explorers gave to the 21 mile long picturesque Caribbean island, supposedly after the bearded fig trees that grew there in abundance. Today Barbados is one of the most developed islands in the region, and a Barbados vacation has something to offer everyone, from all-inclusive getaways to unrivaled water sports and recreation, from historical landscapes and fascinating landmarks, to old forts and photogenic ruins. The people of Barbados speak English and a very unique form of dialect known as Bajan.

High end Barbados luxury hotels are found on the beachfronts of both the South and West coasts of the island. The calm and lagoon-like beach of the island’s West Coast attract rich travelers, such as athletes and movie stars, that seek private Barbados luxury villas or expensive luxury spa hotels. The South Coast with its fine white sand beaches is the center of tourist activity on Barbados, offering a wide variety of accommodations that range from budget to mid-range. There is a wonderful stretch of coastal road that connects accommodations and beaches together. This makes your daily travels a breeze and quite picturesque. The East coast of the island is quite different from the other coasts as its seas are quite dangerous for the avid seabather or swimmer and its land it quite hilly and twisting. However it is a hot spoot for both local and visiting surfers as well as avid hikers.

The interior highlands of Central Barbaros are sprawled over lush green limestone hills, peppered with old plantation homes-turned-museums, botanic gardens displaying the biological richness and diversity of this island.
days navigating along the twisting, tiny street away from the busy atmosphere of the west and south coast of the island. This is a perfect setting for several days of calm and relaxed exploration of tiny winding roads and little villages amidst some of the most beautiful natural vistas on Earth.

There is more than nature, waves, and sand in Barbados. Bridgetown, the island’s capital, is a vibrant harbor city. There are many activitives to take part in here, such as sightseeing ancient Caribbean and English buildings and monuments, while taking in some of the island capital’s unique culture. Beyond walking, sightseeing, engaging in friendly haggling with street vendors, or relaxing at one of the numerous cafes on the riverbanks, one can pay homage to the drink Barbados is famous for: rum, which is available in the city's many dutyfree souvenir shops. Some other attractions for lovers of island sports include catching a game of cricket at the island’s newly renovated and redesigned cricket stadium, or even watching a Thoroughbred horse race at the island’s one and only racetrack, The Garrison Savannah.

A Barbados vacation is rewarding to a curious, engaged visitor, who is appreciative of warm weather, beautiful nature, and new cultural experiences. The locals are very lovely people always willing to help out travelers, so there is never a feeling of unwelcome. No matter what you choose to do while on your Barbados vacation, whether it be riding the waves on your surfboard or just enjoying the local rum, it is sure to be one to write home about.

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