Cool Off at Sea World's Aquatica Water Park

Water Parks are definitely “in” at vacation centers like Orlando. The hot Florida summers and the water parks were made for each other. Though a relative newcomer to the attractions of Orlando, SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park’s creative design and imaginative rides have already made it a vacation favorite. I would like to give you an overview of what you can expect to find at Aquatica. The park opened in March 2008 and it has a South Sea Islands feel to it. In addition to the thrilling rides you get sandy beaches, lagoons, rivers filled with exotic plants, birds and animals.

The makers of the park brought in three million pounds of sand and constructed more than 80,000 square feet of beaches. Then they added over 2000 kinds of trees and brought in exotic birds and animals from around the world including iguanas, anteaters, black and white dolphins, macaws and much more.

This exotic habitat is the backdrop for the rides and slides so let’s turn our attention to some of them now. First there are two popular slides. The biggest attraction here is Commerson’s Dolphin Slides which consists of 300 feet of clear tubes running through a lagoon filled with black and white dolphins.

If you like a touch of competition in your ride, then the Eight Lane Racer Slide is the one for you. You can compete with your friends in the eight lane slide that twists and turns in a thrilling way. The wave pools at Aquatica are engineering design masterpieces and lots of fun too. They consist of more than 800,000 gallons of water lined by wide beaches. There is a high energy lagoon with crashing waves alongside a lagoon that has gently rolling waves. Take your pick, or if you like, try both of them.

Just as there are two wave pools to choose from, you can take your pick of two river rides. The Adventure River ride is the wild one, taking you through 1,500 feet of swirling rapids, waterfalls and geysers while the Lazy River ride gives you a chance to observe the exotic fish as well as an underwater view of the Commersons Dolphins.

If you would like to experience the thrill of rafting on a raging river then check out the rafting rides. You have a choice of three rides: The Triple Drop is for the most adventurous and you will feel the experience of weightlessness as you drop downwards on this intense ride.

The Family Raft Ride is for the whole family and you can ride down 600 feet of winding curves and tunnels. The Bowl Ride features twin bowls that spin you around before dropping you and your raft into a pool There are also areas that are perfect for children. The family play area features a large and colorful Rain Fortress with lots of play area plus slides and water cannons. There is also a special children’s pool with slides, tubes and children-sized rafts. If all of this sounds like your kind of fun, then be sure to set aside one day for a visit to the Sea World’s Aquatica Water Park

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