Cuba – What You Know About It?

If you do not know this, Cuba is an island country located in the Caribbean close to the United States of America which is made up of two main islands and several smaller archipelagos. It capital city is Havana, which is known for its beautiful streets and plazas that are still present there in all their former glory. Not a very big country, Cuba is home to nearly 11 million people that have their own unique culture, traditions and values set apart from that of the rest of the world, especially from that of the Americans.

Cuba was initially a flourishing and booming country with tobacco, sugar and tourism being its major revenue earning sectors. But when the Unites States placed a ban on trade and travel with Cuba, its revenues dropped and it suffered a major setback in its economy. Most of the tourists that Cuba had were Americans so after the travel ban, tourist levels dropped to alarmingly low levels. Also the Cuban tobacco and cigar industry also suffered as it major American market closed down to them and they had to take their business elsewhere. Once such cigar manufactures were the renowned Montecristo cigars which was founded in 1935. But they merely shifted their business elsewhere as demand for authentic Cuban cigars especially Montecristo cigars is very high all over the world.

But with their major market shutdown to them, revenues for them did drop. But as years passed, Cuba has now once again started to revive its tourism department by reviving hotels, making new beach resort and clubs to attract tourists. The government of Cuba realizes now that tourism holds for them a great investment opportunity that should be once again explored. So go online today and search for the latest proposals the tourism department in Cuba has to offer for you!

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