Five Luxury Train Travel Journeys

The world has certainly got smaller as international air travel has become more affordable. Wherever we live we can now travel to almost any part of our world in less than twenty four hours. The result of this is actually that we often miss out on what is perhaps on of the most important aspects of any trip, the journey. When you plan your next vacation to an exciting and interesting country then you should think about luxury train travel as an aspect of the trip.

Below are listed five of the most popular luxury train trips.

Orient Express: Just the name Orient Express would conjure up a romantic and often mysterious image in most people’s minds. It’s no surprise to discover that scores of novels and movies have been set on this very train. Today the journey takes you to some of the European continent’s most enigmatic cities; for example Venice, Rome, Budapest, and Prague. It’s a charming way to journey though this culturally rich region.

Pride of Africa: If there is one train journey that all rail enthusiasts should go on then it must be the Pride of Africa. This trip is for nature lovers who want to explore the majesty and beauty of the Dark Continent without comprising on luxury or safety. Starting in Cape Town, the train snakes its way up through Pretoria and the Kruger national park into Tanzania ending at Dar El Salaam.

Palace on Wheels: This is a train that is synonymous for luxury. Starting in India’s capital New Delhi, you would travel into the princely state of Rajasthan where the amazing vista is punctuated by colorful people and the most amazing sights and scenes. The service on board is truly second to none. You will be treated as if you are a Maharajah.

Eastern and Oriental Express: The railways left behind by colonialists in south east Asia helped to create a unique sense of identity for the region. The Eastern and Oriental Express will carry you through the green and lush tropical vegetation that abounds between Bangkok and Singapore. The beauty and diversity of flora and fauna will contrast against the modern vibrancy of two of the world’s most famous cities.

Trans Siberian: This is perhaps the world’s most well known train journeys. Covering almost a third of the globe, the trip from Vladivostok to Moscow takes nineteen days and passes through a breathtaking landscape. It’s not a surprise to discover the trip still retains its mythical status. It is an experience that would be impossible to forget.

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