Greece Hotels: Beaches And History

The isles of Greece are as historically rich with culture as they are a tropical paradise. Made up of several islands, this archipelago includes several holiday options, each with something unique to offer those who visit the stunning shores. With 17 UNESCO sites, as well as a number of other archaeological and historical places, museums and fabulous beaches, it’s really quite hard to see and do it all. Plus visitors will find a range of Greece hotelsin a variety of accommodation types and prices. Here’s something of the more popular options :

You’ll find Greece’s capital city to be rich with cultural and architectual gems – like the well-known Parthenon. A visit to the city’s ancient Agora, or marketplace should definitely be part of your itinerary as well; this site was a famous commercial, political and religious centre.

This lush island has dazzling beaches as well as inspiring sites to see. It’s rather impressive, with quaint churches and imposing Medieval architecture waiting to be found around every corner. Due to Corfu’s popularity as a popular tourist attraction, holidaymakers will marvel at the array of Greece hotels available on the island, from those specializing in quiet retreats for couples and families, to those with an active nightlife and numerous planned activities.

Crete’s sunny climate, expansive beaches and aqua waters make it a popular attraction for all types of holidaymakers—from those who simply wish to enjoy the sun and water, to those wanting to explore its ancient sites, such as the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Knossos. For an even more authentic experience, travel to the interior of the island where you’ll find Greek hospitality at its very best.

Among it’s most notable attractions is the ancient city of Lindos, a great site for some ancient exploration. Since the island is popular with tourists, it also boasts numerous Greece hotels, villas and resorts that provide modern facilities and numerous amenities. The Old Town of Rhodes is one of the oldest inhabited medieval cities in Europe and is composed of over 200 narrow, winding streets surrounded by ancient walls and gates.

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