Mobility Impaired People Can Much More Easily Use Lighter Contemporary Travel Wheelchairs

Travel is much easier today as a great number of cities, towns, hotels and leisure amenities  are much more readily accessible to disabled travelers. Therefore the use of travel wheelchairs  can be used more frequently as there are fewer obstacles put in the way of the mobility impaired traveler.

Disabled people can have all sorts of problems to which today there seems to be a different wheelchair available for whatever problem arises. Disabled people often want to travel alone, a way in which they can keep their independence, and for this reason lightweight travel wheelchairs are a very much desired piece of equipment. Walking long corridors such as from airport check in desks to airplane  departure gates can become a massive problem for those unable to walk huge distances, but  with the purchase of a wheelchair this problem is easily overcome, and the wheelchair is  easily stored on arrival.

Lightweight travel wheelchairs are superb for travelling in because they typically weigh no more than about 10kgs and can be folded and stored in very small spaces. They are absolutely ideal for fitting in the luggage compartments of cars. They can be reassembled very quickly and safely by almost anyone.

Something that is even more amazing is that these lightweight wheelchairs can hold the same weight as a conventional wheelchair. A lightweight wheelchair will often be kept in a car of someone who does have partial mobility just in case they need assistance during a journey that might be undertaking

Most forms of public transport are now available to disabled travelers. A wheelchair user needs to have any fear about using public transport as most forms of public transported are prepared to help the disabled. Most have specially adapted seats near entry and exit points with easily accessible storage space for wheelchairs and suit cases. Now the disabled person can tour the country much more than ever before.

Technological advances have seen the most important part of lightweight wheelchairs, the weight, be reduced in recent years. One of the lightest wheelchairs on the market today weighs in at around 6kgs. This is as a result of the framework being made from an ultra-light aluminium alloy. Even at only 6kgs it has not lost any features available on a normal wheelchair as it can still take the weight of someone weighing 90kgs.

Authorities all over the world are now aiding disabled and mobility impaired people. Disabled people are no longer locked into their own homes because they do not have the equipment to travel freely. Lightweight travel wheelchairs have changed so much in recent years that they are now cheaper and much more affordable. Ten years ago no one would ever have dreamed that a wheelchair would weigh only 10kgs.

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