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Everyone expects to enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday abroad but, unfortunately not all holidays have a happy ending. Accidents and illness often ruin package holidays but if you booked a package holiday you could be eligible for compensation under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

It doesn’t matter if the accident happened in the UK or abroad as long as it was a package holiday. To qualify as a package holiday at least two or more parts of the holiday must have been booked together and paid for at an inclusive price. The normal example is booking your flights and accommodation as part of a package deal. This can also include excursions booked at the time of the original booking and also food and drink packages.

Your travel injury compensation claim would not be pursued against the foreign provider of the holiday such as the hotelier; it is pursued against the tour operator. This means that your claim can de dealt with in England & Wales as opposed to the country where the accident happened. This makes bringing a claim for holiday injury compensation easy and hassle free as you will be dealing with solicitors in your own country without the difficulties of language barriers and distance.

In order to pursue a claim on your behalf it is important that you have reported the accident or illness to the holiday representatives and hotel staff. Other things that will help your claim are photographs of the scene, medical treatment information and any witness details.

We sincerely hope that your holiday is enjoyable and you don’t suffer an injury but if you should suffer an accident or illness when abroad we would be happy to discuss this matter with you. We can offer legal advice and assistance from lawyers with experience and expertise in package holiday compensation claims.

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