Porting To Puerto Galera

Are you looking for the best harbor in the world? Well, do not look too far because it’s Puerto Galera it is found just in the very heart of the Philippines. This place was discovered in the early 16th centuries by Spaniards in the midst of typhoon and storm. This is a Y-Shaped peninsula found on the northern part of Mindoro Island. It is bounded on the North by Verde Island Passage and by Municipality of San Teodoro on the South.

Aside from the very strategic and wonderful location, its wonderful geographical features and notable history will surely attracts you to go and visit the place.

Puerto Galera is bounded by mountains that are covered with luscious and green tropical rainforest. Waterfalls and cool waters of rivers and beaches will definitely make your vacation an unforgettable one. See the Tamaraw Waterfalls; experience a deep bath on its waters. Experience its cool waters. Discover the secluded jungles on its tropical rainforest. Trek, hike and camp around and experience safari adventure in an Asian setting. Go and climb Mt. Malisimbo and have the adventure of your life. Visit Puerto Galera and you will rediscover and unveil the beauty of nature of the Philippines. Other interesting must see in places are the tamaraw that are native in the place.

Water is Puerto Galera’s noun! Have some water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Are you the kind of person who loves extreme water adventure, well, this is the perfect place for you! Do kayaking, sailing or simply swim along the cool waters.

Do wind surfing, experience how breathtaking it is. Your vacation will never be complete if you will not go around its crystal lucid waters and white sand beaches. Do exciting gigs on dark on the shore.

One of the top beach resorts is the Atlantis Beach Resort. It is located 110 kilometers South of Manila.

Unwind at night at Big Apple’s 24-hour Bar ad Billiard located at Sabang Beach. This first class bar and resto offers a wide variety of local and imported drinks. Name it and you will surely have it and tale note, it is in reasonable prices! This bar also provides billiard tables where you can play with your family and friends. Experience Asian, European and other unique dishes because in Big Apple’s 24-hour Bar and Billiard these are just casual cuisines.

Make yourself insane and crazy in the morning with the great sporting adventure. Feel the heat and excitement. See the awesome sceneries over the mountains or even while you are in the air with the available aircrafts and wind adventure. At night feel the effervescence of the nighttime outdoor activities. Party all night long! Experience the tropical ambiance. Get hot and witty with the discos along the shore of the beaches.

Now, are you tempted to have a stay on Puerto Galera your next question should be “how will you get there?” Well, the most convenient and easiest way to get there is from Manila is by riding the ferry service. Organize your transportation in Batangas Pier.

Nature and adventure – these are words that will surely suit to describe Puerto Galera!

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