Q&A-cheap cruises?

Question: cheap cruises?
Where can I find a cheap cruise that me and my husband can go on?


Answer by sleek
Vacations2Go.com ! We booked many cruises through them…. also if you want to go on a whim, you can call the cruise line a week before the cruise and negotiate a cheap cruise. If they are not fully booked they will usually give rooms away very cheap because they don’t make any money on empty rooms.

Question: How Can I Find Cheap Cruises For My Vacation Trip?
Is there any any website where is can find cheap cruises for my trip and information or tips will be greatly appreciated.


Answer by Akhil
Finding cheap cruises – Internet Could Be The Source

Finding cheap cruises has never been easier than it is now. The internet has totally changed the way that all travel businesses are able to market and sell their services for less, and cruise carriers are leading the way in their pursuit to help travelers take affordable vacations. In the past, if you wanted to take a cruise you’d have to book your trip directly through a travel agency but now the internet makes it possible to skip the middle man and book your trip through an online cruise booking website or directly with the carrier on their own website. This means more savings and fewer headaches for you the traveler.


Question: Where can I find good cheap cruises in China?
I’m looking for a cruise in China that will tour the mountains and not big cities but I want something cheap and uniqueish – not just Carnival or Royal carribean cruises in China. Anyone have any ideas where I should look?


Answer by Melissa C
Victoria Cruise Lines has some great cruises of the 3 Gorges & Yangztee River. I work for a tour operator in the states, if you are interested you can contact Melissa@MGTourCo.com. we specialize in Asia, SE Asia, S Pacific & Latin America.

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  • Theresa R

    i’m just a kid but my mom took my family on a carnival cruise it was really fun and my mom said its a great deal

  • DB

    For quality inexpensive cruises try the site below. Since the air fare isn’t included it’s much cheaper. We drive to the nearest port, park in secured parking, and cruise for the weekend. We’ve cruised Norwegian Cruise Lines 3 times, Royal Caribbean 3 times and our first cruise was on Fantasy Cruise lines and we bought tickets the day they were sailing! This is the least expensive way to cruise since they get to fill a few last minute cabins. You can’t be too picky about what you get or where they’re going, just go packed and see what you can get!? Alot of changes have been made security wise since we did this, so it may not be possible, call a cruise line and ask. Meanwhile contact cruises only to pay a fraction of what they have in the brochures! Bon Voyage! Happy Cruising! =)

  • smb26

    Go to http://www.ticketsavvy.com They have great promotional deals on cruises, and there are some going on right now!! good luck and have fun!!

    there’s a huge PROMO on Holland America lines through http://www.ticketsavvy.com

    go to this link for more info on the promo: http://www.yourtravelbiz.com/rta/misc/HollandAmerica/17145_V&V_CRUISEsale_cons.pdf

  • PJ

    Well, some cruise lines are cheaper than others. Royal Caribbean, Carnival and NCL are, all things considered, cheaper than Celebrity, Holland America Line, etc.

    But there’s some other stuff that can make a big difference, too:

    Time of year: Summer and school holidays are always more expensive because that is when a lot of people have to cruise. January, February and early autumn have especially good deals.

    Destination: The Caribbean is almost always cheaper than any other destination (barring the cost of flights), and in general the more exotic the port, the more expensive the ticket.

    You can read more about how to get a good price, and a link to an online travel agency with a low-price guarantee, here: http://www.cruisesavvy.com/savvyguide/choosing_your_cruise/price

  • Erin M

    I know Carnival is pretty reasonable if you aviod the major travel seasons (Spring or Winter Break). I would look on other places like travelocity, ect. They seem to have better deals than the cruise line itself. Also look for deals that apply to you. Ex: Previous Cruiser. Whatever you do, you will have soo much fun. Cruises are the best!!! Good luck!

  • TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only

    You will find all of the cruise specials and deals right on the cruise line web sites. No need to go to any other web sites and register, or sign up for emails. All of the cruise lines have a link right on their home page to “hot deals”, “specials” or whatever they call them. The two best cruise lines to find specials are Carnival and Royal Caribbean. The specials on Royal Caribbeans’ site stand out because they are highlighted in red.

  • rick d

    Try Princess.com or call 1-800-Princess, they also offer a free DVD called Great Escapes which will show you high lites of your cruise, a map of the route taken and atour of the ship.

  • sally b

    Travel agents are your best bet as they know who is having a sale at any particular time, and there is no charge for their service. Also, some lines have 1 or 2 day sales that the agent knows about ahead of time. If you wish to contact me, I’d be glad to help you. I am a cruise specialist with Cruises Inc and have personally been on over 30 cruises.
    1-892-8694 http://www.cruisesinc.com

  • Aaron

    It will be very nice to cruise along the Yangtze River Three Gorges in between of Yi China and Chong Qing . It takes 3 nights for downstream sailing , and 4 nights for upstream sailing . It is not bad to take 4 star cruise instead of the 5 star ones , as they are really excellent . The cruise goes along the river and every day with shore-excurision to explore the Three Gorges Project , the biggest hydro-electric power plant in the world , Going through the biggest 5–staged shiplocks , and sailing into the tributary of the yangtze to enjoy its tranquil scenery , if you are lucky , monkey in wild can be seen along the river . You may just relax on the view deck enjoy the fanscinating scenery along the yangtze .
    I am from Xi’An China where the terra-cotta warriors&horses located . I have been to the yangtze river for many times with tour groups . We design private tour packages for clients from outside China , All the itinerary is tailor-made as each of the tour operator in our office has been all the highlighted places in China , We provide you latest&accurate information .
    The Yangtze river cruise is not expensive if you do not want the very fancy 5 star ones , as I would suggest 4 star ons are very good . All the crew onboard speaks English , Cruise fare includes breakfast , lunch , dinner as well as the shore trip every day . Chong Qing is where people get off the boat if taking upstream sailing , That is the place you may also take the chance to see the giant pandas .

    If you would need more information , Please contact tourxian@yahoo.com.cn Aaron Liu Xi’An China
    We will be very happy to provide any information you need for your trip planning .

    Thank you very much

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