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Question: Stub Hub….?
Anyone know of any places like stub hub where individual people sell “Vacation” tickets. Maybe last minute cancellations or something.?


Answer by Parker_T
craigslist or ebay? stubhub sucks

Question: Can a company force me to take my vacation time and not pay it out?
My father has been with a company for more than 7 years. They were purchased by a different employer about 4 years ago and not much has changed up until this year. My father was just informed that he HAS to take his vacation time because they will not be paying out at the end of the year. Is this legal? Can they change the rules at the last minute? He is officially “on vacation” until the end of the year starting today. He’s pissed as hell as you can imagine. Especially with how terrible the economy is so are all the employee’s on his team. Please let me know. We live in Illinois and I checked DOL. I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any information?
Update: They have always paid out. I do believe it is written in their contract that they are to be paid out at the end of the year for any unused vacation time.


Answer by Micki
yes – many companies have the ‘use it or lose it’ policy. not illegal at all

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  • princessandie1984

    stubhub sucks! i wnat tickets to see the cure and they are a big venue, and they do not have them for my city 🙁 try ebay, overstock, or local classified listings. I found two tickets for the cure on my community website in the classifieds section. your community may have a web site too. or checkout craigslist!!


    There is nothing illegal about what they did. There is no law that says if a employee doe’s not take their earned vacation time that the employer must pay them for it (unless it’s in a written contract).

    It’s the same where I work if you don’t take all of your vacation time you simply lose it.

    Additional information.

    If your father has a written contract that states that any unused vacation time is to be paid out at the end of the year then he may have a case with your State labor board. But if it’s simply a change in company policy he is out of luck.

  • v b

    The whole point of vacation time is to take it.

    You may want to advise your father that not only does the company have the right to have a use/lose policy, if he quits, they are not under any legal obligation to pay for unused vacation time.

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