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Question: Travel Sites????
I have been using http://www.all-inclusive-travel.net and http://www.e-zbook.net for a while now and wanted to know if there are similar sites that I can try?


Answer by imallgq
sidestep.com cheapest flights you will ever find, if you find better please tell

Question: travel sites?
does anyone know of any good cruise travel sites like orbitz and expedia


Answer by gawd0
cruise love

Question: Travel sites?
does anyone know a good travel site that has cheap flights

Thanks =D


Answer by sheldon
You could use something such as:

– www.orbitz.com
– www.cheaptickets.com
– www.expedia.com

If your are willing to go the more complicated route, you may find a cheaper flight doing it this way:

Go to: http://matrix.itasoftware.com/cvg/dispatch/

Log in as a guest. This site will show you the absolute lowest fare being offered for that particular flight. You cannot book through this site though. Once you found the flight, you can do one of three things:

– Print the flight page out including all information, and mail/fax it to your travel agent of choice.

– Or, contact a booking agent such as, Expedia or Orbitz, and tell them you found these flights.

– Or, contact the airline directly and give them the rate code provided directly on the paper, and they are obligated to book that fare at that price if there are infact seats, still remaining.

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