Some Interesting Facts About Ulverston – Cumbria

Ulverston – Cumbria is known as a market town. The town is known to be in the area of the district of South Lakeland. The town is also historically a part of Lancashire. The town itself has the land mark of the Hoad Monument. It is constructed of concrete and was built in 1850. This monument was built to commemorate a statesman and who was also a local resident, John Barrow.

This monument provided such lovely scenic views of the area that is surrounding this monument, which include Morecambe Bay and also some parts of the Lake District too. This town is known to have several shops and also pubs, many of them are located ear the cobble stone street of Market Street. At the beginning of this street is a war memorial for the many soldiers who died during World War One.

It was on the month of April the 28th in the year of 2009 that an earthquake hit the town. The earthquake measured 3.7 on the Richter scale. The tremors were felt in the South Cumbria and also areas in north Lancashire too. However, there was no real damage done to the town.

Ulverston had its name recorded first into the Domesday book as the town of Ulvrestun. There were other variations of its name that was recorded over the years such as Oluestonam and Uluereston. The charter for the town was then granted during the year 1280 by Edward the 1st. This was also done for the market which was every Thursday. But modern Ulverston now keeps it open on Thursday and also Saturday.

There were several famous people over the years that called the town their birth place such as Sir John Barrow who was born in Dragley Berk. Also there was the famous rock and roll singer Bill Haley whose mother was born there too. There was the soldier, Arthur Jefferson too. He was once awarded the Victorian Cross. Stan Laurel of the famous Laurel and Hardy comedy couple was also born there too.

A railway provides the transportation in the town of Ulverston. It runs from the Barrow – in – Furness and on to Lancaster where it ends up at the Manchester air port. The railway is such a short distance from the centre of the town which also has several buses that is also used for the transportation of the residents of the town.

Ulverston also calls itself the Festival Town because of all the festivals that take place there that were held over the years. One renowned festival that is very popular is the Lantern Procession. Hundreds of people are known to in the area create lanterns that are made of tissue and willow.

They will parade through the town and show what looks like a stream of lights. This event culminates a lively some theatrical performances and also a great fire works show too. This takes place inside of Ford Park and started in 2007.

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