Some Sightseeing In Ashbourne – Derbyshire

Some sightseeing in Ashbourne, Derbyshire can be an experience. The town is unique and is a busy town with historic buildings, coaching inns and town houses that create a wonderful atmosphere. The main street also attracts tourists with century old buildings and to look at the high up in the sky St. Oswald church can be exciting. A statue of a girl is on a famous tomb in St. Oswald church.

The popular dale is a tourist site and attracts visitors annually. The scenic site includes wooded ravines, stepping stones, rock pillars and caves along with the river, valley and mountains. Ashbourne is located in the region of Derbyshire in the country of England.

When visiting in this quaint market town which is a term from the medieval European settlement period distinguishes the town from a village or city. The term market town is also known as having market rights even if markets are no longer held in the town. The legal right to be called a market town only exists if the legal rights still apply today.

The English town is very picturesque and usually quiet during the most of the year. Visitors can also enjoy a cycling and walking trail known as the Tissington Trail that runs where the railway station of Ashbourne once operated. The railway was closed to passengers forty years ago.

The Ashbourne club facility has incredible views overlooking the greens. The town also has a football and golf club. A highland gathering which takes place in the summer includes a pipe band competition, stalls, and hill racing. The whole family can enjoy all that the town has to offer.

The quaint market town is a great place to unwind and relax with many different cafes and eateries that offer tasty cuisines. The shopping choices are numerous and great for finding souvenirs and gifts. The accommodations are plentiful for lodging in charming stone cottages while visiting and country pubs can be found that offer evening meals. The bed and breakfast lodging facilities can include breakfast, and a market is offered in the Old Square in town twice a week.

Some sightseeing when you stay in Ashbourne – Derbyshire also includes arts festivals which take place once a year in June. The events last for several weeks and include a masquerade and an outdoor opera. The small town has many exciting adventures, activities and sights that can be found and visitors may want to return again year after year.

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