The Charms And Challenges Of Country Living

Perhaps you are looking to really get away from it all for a quiet vacation. Or, maybe you are considering retirement in a rural or even rustic environment. Those weary of the crowds and stress of city living may long for the peace and quiet of a cabin in the woods. If this is your idea of fun, you should definitely run with it. There are a few things, however, to think about before taking off for the wilderness. While you may not miss your daily latte from the corner cafe, probably you don’t feel the same way about giving up basic creature comforts such as warmth and water.

Managing food and other supplies should be one of your top priorities. You will no longer be close to the corner grocery store or large shopping malls. You will want to minimize lengthy trips to town, certainly of the unplanned variety. Make a list of everything you need to be comfortable, then stock up on it. Running out of something you need or want is no fun, and neither is a long trip into town that could have been avoided.

Water is the one supply you assuredly do not want to run out of. A country property will usually have its own well, which is great as long as it works. If the well runs dry, or if there is a problem with electricity needed to keep the pump working, your water supply will stop. Having a generator on hand, of course, will solve the electricity problem. But it is still a very good idea to fill up as many large containers of water as you can, in case of emergency. You should have enough stored for cooking, drinking, and washing to last several days.

You should have some self-sufficiency with regard to emergency situations that may occur, as personnel from town may take some time to get to you when you need them. Make sure you have first aid supplies and know basic first aid procedures, including CPR.

Keeping a large area around your house cleared of excessive brush and overgrown bushes, as well as overhanging tree limbs, will serve as a barrier should a forest fire start nearby. This type of task is easily done with a lightweight Homelite chainsaw. This way you may save your house and everything in it while the firefighters are on their way,

While you are busy clearing the land around your house, you might consider having a garden to produce your own fruits and vegetables. This is not only very satisfying, but also very practical. Between eating your fresh homegrown produce and perhaps the extra that you have put up in cans, you will be independent of extra trips to the store for such perishables.

It’s possible that in cold weather your home may be heated by an air-tight wood fireplace rather than a heater which uses electricity or gas. Or possibly you have both, but prefer to use the air-tight fireplace for reasons of economy. Then again, you may have a regular open fireplace that you enjoy using. In any case, a supply of firewood is going to be necessary. Assuming your property includes some woods, you will want to cut it yourself. For this task a heavier duty Husqvarna chainsaw would be an excellent tool. And, once you have sawed the logs into rounds, an axe for splitting them into firewood is essential.

Now you can enjoy the rewards of all your hard work and planning. With a full tank of water, a full pantry and plenty of other supplies to last as long as you need them to, you can relax and enjoy the rural lifestyle. You have plenty of firewood in the house, and much more outside, getting seasoned for when you’ll need it later. With all these creature comforts, and the satisfaction of having done it yourself, it’s time for a cup of coffee and some relaxation. Or you may feel ambitious and get back to working on the quilt set you’re making. This is as good as it gets.

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