What are the 5 worst holiday fashion mistakes?

Question: What are the 5 worst holiday fashion mistakes?
In your opinion, what are the 5 worst fashion choices people make over the holiday season? Is it being shinier than the Christmas tree? Something else….?


Answer by seeingidog
Showing too much cleavage at the in-laws!!!!

Question: Holiday fashion crisis- where are all the cute dresses?
I’ve been all over the internet trying (and failing) to find any cute, in style holiday dresses that aren’t depressingly expensive. I’m almost at the point of making my own, but my time is so limited with college finals coming up. If anybody knows of some sites that would be very helpful. Thanks!


Answer by me
you could try:




and they have both those stores at the beverly center [if you live in LA] and they are both really cheap

hope that helps

Question: What kind of invitation should we use for a rustic holiday fashion show fundraiser that will be held in a barn


Answer by naijababe
I thought hard but couldn’t come up with anything. Sorry.

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23 comments to What are the 5 worst holiday fashion mistakes?

  • jean c. your queen

    wearing clothes with christmas themes on them, that is so dumb to me

  • n200237

    tjos dumb holiday earings and sweaters people wear!!!!!
    stop the madness

  • LUCY

    trying to match ur presents…believe me i have seen them and its not pretty..

  • GG M

    People that wear antlers and santa hats. I guess I am a party pooper.

  • hailfeal

    wearing red and green together. ewww.

  • Slydd

    5. not matching
    4. wearing a cheesy christmas sweater
    3. showing too much clevage or too short of a skirt
    2. being shinier than the christmas tree
    1. matching sisters or brothers if they are over 13 or 14

  • te144

    Don Imus, Don Imus, Don Imus, Don Imus, Don Imus

  • Liliya829

    1) The big chunky scenic holiday sweaters

    2) Clothes that play terrible music

    3) Clothes that light up

    4) Wearing waaaay to revealing clothing at your office’s holiday party

    5) Elf shoes. ’nuff said.

  • T@$#IE ROXXXXX xoxoxox

    Definatley too mutch make-up, x.mas theme clothing eww how can ppl wear that i mean teenagers and young adults especially for grandparents its ok lol…… Skanky clothes to your great aunts leave that for the beach lol

  • SillyMe

    Unless you live in a warm climate, wear sleeves. I think it looks so silly to see women wearing sleeveless dresses and slinky little camis when the weather is below zero. Hello? Is a brain scan necessary? Its cold, cover up! You can cover your skin and still be sexy!

  • hkiz2qt h

    1) Showing too much skin
    2) Not dressing accordingly
    3) Not using moistriezer or lotion (you can get dry skin)
    4) Ugly sweatshirts with bells and bows on them (grandparents/seinors it is ok)
    5) Wearing alot of makeup

    All of these things happen all of the time but that is just what came to my mind!

  • dollmaker_extraordinaire

    1. Going overboard with Christmas accessories and clothing. I know what time of year it is, and the flashing sign is redundant.

    People wearing the following head gear:
    2. Elf hats
    3. Santa hats
    4. Antlers
    …to go shopping. You’re at a mall/store. It’s December. I have a decent idea what occasion you are out shopping for already.

    5. Wearing jingle bells! *Groans* I don’t need to hear “those sleigh bells jingling jing-jing-jingling” while you shop!

    LOL nahh.. I don’t work in retail 😉

  • Breonna must be lovely!

    – those hideous christmas sweaters! Ya know, the ones ur aunt sends u that are the uncomfortable material with weird designs all over it!!
    – overdoing the green and red. Like u wear green pants and a red shirt with green and red accessores. Instead of dressing for the holidays u look like the holiday.

  • Mz.Amber M. Reed

    Wearing the Oversized reed or Green Sweatshirts with Santa reindeers or large snowmen or Bells! Haveing Tacky Christmas Nails Done Like Red ok but having a winter Scene Air Brushed on them what the Heck! Or Wearing Earrings that are little presents or Freakin Jinggling everywhere you go!

  • K R

    1. Those “sexy” santa outfit that women wear at holiday parties! ew
    2. Anything holiday theme like the knit sweaters with a huge santa claus on the front.
    3. Those earrings that have bells on them. I hate hearing them ring everytime the person moves their head.
    4. Santa Hats with their name in glitter in the front of them.
    5. Outfits that involving bright christmas colors, i.e, bright green skirt iwith a bright red sweater

  • bmboyd88

    1. Bright eyeshadow
    2. Flashy Sweaters
    3. Being Under-dressed
    4. Being “anti-holiday” either in dress or personality
    5. Fruit Cakes

  • TobiasLuciaStarr


  • iheart_you_too2

    This question made me laugh!
    You get a star! 🙂 ♥
    1. Wearing way too much makeup.
    2. Clashing red and green colors.
    3. Wearing reindeer antlers everywhere you go (santa hats look okay, but reindeer antlers are over the top!)
    4. Wearing a huge Santa suit to a Christmas party (trust me, I’ve seen this, and it’s not pretty! LOL)
    5. As someone else said, airbrushing a whole Christmas scene on your fingernails. Ew!
    Great question!
    I gave you a star!

  • Justin R

    The Christmas sweaters with the reindeer, or christmas scenes on them.

  • kimmy9178

    I really like some of the dresses on the BabyPhat and VIctoria’s Secret websites also try Fredericks of Hollywood maybe?

  • mac

    No sites- you wont find the right size to fit you and by the time you get it in the mail you wont have time to return it if it looks awful on you. Try BCBG, H&M, the bigger chain stores like Nordstroms, Macy’s and also, since you’re in college, try the little boutiques they may have in your college town– sometimes they are cheaper and cuter. good luck dress hunting– and by the way, if you live in a small town drive to nearest bigger town and shop there- much more places to choose from, better prices and you wont be stuck with a cookie cutter dress= have fun

  • Di

    if you’re on a budget: forever 21 definitely

  • ZooZoo The Naughty Duck

    maybe an off white card stock with pressed leaves of orange red and yellow

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