Discount Airfare Tickets for Students?

Question: Discount Airfare Tickets for Students?
I am planning on travelling- And i am a student is there any discounts for students?


Answer by travelmaster
in most cases no (although air train has some type of students fare but you have to register
on there site and i think pay a fee)

Question: Is there a place to buy discounted tickets for southwest airlines? What are all the discount sites for airfare
Orbitz, expedia, priceline, and travelocity don’t list southwest airlines. I am trying to find the cheapest flight from Baltimore to Reno. It doesn’t havet o be southwest, but they allow 2 free checked bags. What are other discount airfare sites?


Answer by The Shadow
Southwest does not sell tickets on any website other than their own. If you want to fly Southwest, you have to buy directly from them or from a travel agent.

You can also try Kayak does not sell tickets, but it shops many other websites and combines the results into one list. You can then go to the website with the lowest price to buy.

Question: I work for fed-ex express. where do i go to get my employee discount airfare tickets?


Answer by mhmd
Check with your staff travel office.

There should be an internal fedex website you can book your flight from.

Question: Do online airfare tickets go up the more that you search them?
I have been searching for a multi-city airfare through all the major discount airfare sites. And each time that I search the same dates the prices change. One day it will be $ 707, the next $ 701, a few days later its $ 658 a couple hours later its $ 713….I dont get it. Is it the time of day or that I keep searching the location causing price & demand to go up?


Answer by The Shadow
It’s neither.

Airfares are changed constantly by the airlines based on supply and demand as well as what their competitors are charging. If a flight is selling well, the airline may reduce the number of discount seats and/or raise the prices. If a flight has too many unsold seats, the airline may increase the number of discount seats and/or reduce prices. If a competitor raises or lowers prices, the airline will usually match the changes.

Predicting an airfare is like predicting tomorrow’s stock prices. They might be higher. They might be lower. No one knows for certain. It’s frustrating for travelers, but that’s how it works.

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