Q&A-Do you get discount 4 plane tickets if you have a cancer?

Question: Do you get discount 4 plane tickets if you have a cancer?
Per example i have liver cancer stage 2…can i get a discount so i get plane tickets half of price for having this cancer?Just curious!


Answer by Weltenbummler
For sure no discounts.

Question: is there military discount on plane tickets?
My husband is deployed and i would like to visit home so i wont be so sad and lonely, the problem is we are stationed in hawaii and my home is in North Carolina. So plane tickets cost alot. Is there any kind of military discount i can geton plane tickets…please help?
My friend told me the army might pay for it, is that true? whats HOP?


Answer by Bravo Golf
Maybe he can set you up on a very comfy HOP ride.

HOPS are when there is a cargo aircraft going from one base to another. It will take you nearly days to get to NC from Hawaii since there isnt really a flight schedule. Its loud, HOT, and uncomfortable (you literally sit in a net), but hey it beats the price you would normally pay round trip from Hawaii and back. Good Luck

Question: Discount time to buy plane tickets…?
I heard there is a special time to search for discounted plane tickets online. Like wednesday night at midnight when they release certain left over tickets or something like this. Is that true and if so when is the time to look online?


Answer by Freespot
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  • Cazza

    No you do not they are treated the same as anyone else

  • Hanna

    nope .
    sorry !

  • Baa Baa

    No, no one gets discounted tickets for a medical condition. The only discount you might get is if an immediate family member dies and you are going to the funeral. My brother got a discount when my father died. I don’t know if any airlines does that today or not.

  • army0129us

    yes… I am pretty sure…

  • Airmen First Class

    I know Delta use to, you can’t get it online, you have to call their 1-800 number. He might have to buy the ticket fr you.

  • lilerintron

    The Army will not pay for you to go home.

    You can catch a HOP flight which is a military flight from one base to another base. Ask your husband’s 1st shirt about a Space A flight and you should find out about flights you can take.

  • LIFE

    You can get 10% off or a round trip ticket for $ 198 from Greyhound .

  • lil_bower45

    The Army won’t pay for your flight home.

    Some airlines offer discounts to military personnel or military dependents. Check the different airlines to see which one, you may also want to contact the USO because they can help arrange discounted travel for military dependents.

  • Jennifer K

    Take a HOP!
    Benefits: FREE or low cost (like $ 25). You are in HI, which has C-17 cargo aircraft, should be relatively easy to get to Charleston AFB, SC, which also has C-17 cargo aircraft.
    Drawbacks: HOP’s are space available, means you may have to get a flight from HI to McChord AFB, WA, stay for a few days, then go onto Charleston. Be prepared to get stuck for a few days somewhere but if you have no time constraints you should be fine. Go to the websites for the different bases: http://www.hickam.af.mil, http://www.mcchord.af.mil, http://www.charleston.af.mil and sign up for Space Available flights in advance. You also have to figure out which catagory of passanger you are. Some need a letter signed by a commander that say you are command sponsored (you should be able to look this up on the base websites.) Talk to your husbands First Sergent or rear detatchement for assistance.

  • RekonDog

    Not sure if Army pays for plane tickets, but the Marine Corps doesn’t. We get nothing free in the military. We paid for our uniforms, chow and housing is through our taxes (as everyone’s elses). Definitely a clue that tickets aren’t coming free. They have discounts, however, talk to soldiers that work in the Traffic Management Office (TMO).

  • cordeliabrainiac

    Most airlines do offer a military discount~its not as generous as it used to be. If you can do the 21 or 14 day advance that would be better. Also, this week, most airlines are having a massive sale. I can go to Seattle for $ 159 which normally costs around $ 549.

  • mrsjvb


    at least not good ones. any discount is off the full fare/rack rate..the ones with no restrictions. NOT off the el cheapo prices you can get through expedia or travelocity.

    as for flying Space A.. that’s exactl.y what it is Space Available. since you are OCONUS, with a letter from his command and a copy of your DH’s orders to deploy, you ARE allowed to fly Space A without him. That being said it is between bases.. and there is always the possibility of being bumped or there not being any flights remotely near you want to fly to.

  • Annie

    One other thing on the Space A..once you reach the continental US, unless the flight you were already on is scheduled to go to (or closer to NC), you will not be allowed to fly Space A within the continental US so you should plan on buying a commercial ticket from the West Coast to NC.

  • alexander m

    no there is no military discount sorry. you can try to hop on a military aircraft thats going stateside but they have waiting lists and you find out like a day before. as long as you have plenty of time and no specific time that u need to be there its not that bad of a thing

  • Curt J

    There are discounts, go to SATO on post and talk to them.

    The Army won’t pay.

    Dependents cannot take military hops that both originate and terminate within CONUS (the continental United States).

    A hop, is the use of Air Force planes that have an ability to carry passengers.

  • Annie M

    People reserve flights without confirming. Tickets that aren’t confirmed are released at midnight, so often you can get a better deal right after midnight. This site has great, cheap travel sites: http://www.travelbargainsites.com

  • Confused women

    no it is not a specific day to book, it is the time you actually fly.
    If you fly on Wednesday or tuesday during late in the night like Midnight then yes it is cheaper to fly during this time.
    As for international flights this doesnt apply!!!

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