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Question: Flight Booking?
I am planning on booking a flight to europe…malta actually. i am planning on arriving there some time in the summer of 08. My question is, when is the best time to book the flight for the best deal, and perhaps some websites that offer great deals.
Thanks for your help.


Answer by mareeclara
This website may help.

Question: flight booking?
when i book a flight in internet how i can get the ticket
is there any paper ticket or what else?


Answer by *
usually they will email you the electronic ticket

Question: Flight booking?
I booked tickets to go to Miami. When typing names i put ms. for my son who is actually a master. Do i have to call up my flight company to change my sons name from:
ms. blogg
mr. blogg



Answer by ke082
You should do it and dont have to worry about it later. And I don’t think they will charge you for the name change coz you are not changing names. Give them a call.

Happy flying!

Question: Can flight booking be cancelled if there is no confirmation number yet?
It is for an international flight. Booking was made for two but it was later realized that the price was two much. Is there any way out? (Credit card infor has been provided.) Help me, please!


Answer by leg1
well if its possible find the airline number that u booked with. Call them and tell them that u want to cancel ur reservations and they may charge u a fee to cancel but it may be better than paying the price for those tickets. If u give them a good story they may cancel it for free….Keep talking or ask to talk to someone until u hear what u want to hear….Good Luck

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  • andy h

    usually they will give a receipt and e-ticket at the end payment, or email to you a e-ticket.
    if you paid online, you dont need care about to get the a general ticket or e-ticket from the net because the airline will have your personal record in their system so, u just bring your passport n baggage on time to check-in!

    Have a nice trip!!!

  • Barry

    Tickets purchased via a website are almost always e-tickets. Best is to print the confirmation message you receive and present that to the check-in clerk at the airport.

    Some locations/countries do not allow e-tickets. In those (rare) cases, website purchases can happen, but paper tickets are mailed/shipped to you. That also means extra time is required so the paper tickets can get to you before the flight date.

  • The Shadow

    Most tickets are electronic and exist only in the computer system of the airline. You are e-mailed a confirmation of your purchase including your flight information. The e-mail is NOT the ticket as some other people have answered. If you lose the e-mail or forget to carry a copy, you can still board your flight with no problem. Just check in online at the airline website or go to the airport, tell the airline agent which flight you are on, and present your ID.

    You can usually get a paper ticket if you want one. However, you should expect to pay extra charges for this.

  • Servette

    Confirmation number is made instantly when credit card or any other form of payment has been furnished to the agent, especially on-line (Orbitz, Expedia, etc, etc)
    If you bought the tickets on line, and depends what tickets you got, may be quit hard to get a refund, just a credit for future flight within one year.
    If you bought them from a real reputable travel agency in your town,, they may not have ticketed it yet. They have 24hr to 72 hours doing it, just in case, like yours., so you won’t be charged.

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