Q&A-What are the best websites for cheap airfare to Europe?

Question: What are the best websites for cheap airfare to Europe?
I am planning a trip to Toulouse, France early next year (February), and I was wondering if anyone knows the best websites that offer discount fare to Europe?


Answer by pickle1234

Question: Where can I find discount airfare from U.S. to Europe?
Looking to go to Portugal over the summer.


Answer by MadMan
On any of the travel websites. No one site always has all the cheapest deals. Try www.Kayak.com to compare sites.

Question: What are the cheapest options to fly one-way from Europe to the US?
I am hoping for any suggestions on discount airfares/websites from Europe to the northeastern US. I currently have one flight remaining on a multi-destination ticket that will return me to London from Bangkok. I purchased this ticket because it was significantly cheaper to depart from the UK than the US. At the time I found a really cheap one-way flight to Ireland($ 235) from Newark, but I am having less luck with a connecting one-way flight home. I don’t expect to find such a good deal to return home, but I have a hunch that there are different websites that specialize on travel to the US from Europe than US based websites that offer good deals departing from the US. Since Ryanair has coverage around much of the continent, I am fairly flexible about where I fly from in Europe. I hope to return to the East Coast of the US anywhere between Wash D.C. and Boston-whatever’s cheapest ; )

Please share any information and suggestions about this you may have. Thanks for your help.


Answer by picc0999
just from what my brothers friend is realizing trying to come to the east coast from japan this time of year. for the friend it is two times the price going one way than it is just to buy a round ticket and only use it to get home. So I would suggest looking at all tickets not only one way.

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