A Memorable Holiday Awaits Those Choosing Camping In NC

A memorable trip awaits if you choose camping in North Carolina. North Carolina offers places to enjoy that have great natural beauty. Charming historical towns are little gems to savor on the way. Camp goers unfamiliar with the state should know there are three distinct regions: the mountains to the west, the heartland of the Piedmont and the Atlantic coast in the east. With the Atlantic to the east, North Carolina has Tennessee on its western border, Virginia on its north, and Georgia and South Carolina to the south. There are many, many locations to choose, offering campers of all types something they would like. These include the Linville Gorge, Mount Mitchell, the Blue Ridge Parkway, national forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, bike trails and horse trails amongst the sites to enjoy.

How to decide the camp location in North Carolina

You can refine your options by deciding what kind of camping experience you want: roughing it; or, with public showers and running water; or, renting cabins of your own; or, taking your RV to a RV park? Are you also looking for some special events nearby like festivals?

Some useful tips for travelers

Research is critical. Spend a little time on the computer or the phone to save yourself from unexpected surprises. Needless to say, the state offers resources to help you explore your options; and there are certainly many other online sites available.

Keep the following in mind: chairs and coolers cannot help you stake your claim to a spot next to yours at campsites in national parks. Tents must be set up. If you try to use chairs and coolers to stake claim to a spot, they will removed and placed in the lost and found.

Narrowing your choices

Use your computer to access the many websites that will help you decide amongst the wide number of choices available. General, specific and individual website resources help you find what type of campsites you are looking for and then to help narrow your options. A useful book about tent campsites for those interested in going this way is the guidebook entitled The Southern Appalachian & Smoky Mountains that even has a list of top locations such as the Standing Indian Campground in Franklin, NC; the Black Mountain Campground in Burnsville, NC; Linville Falls Campground in Spruce Pine, NC to name a few. Some readers might want to stop with the top 20 list in this book;but, it is useful to know that the choice is broad and plentiful to satisfy even the most finicky traveler.

How to make the most of your experience in NC

With a little preparation and planning, camping in North Carolina can be the family trip experience that creates great memories.

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