Explore Antartica And Visit Never-Before-Seen Sites

Planning and implementing unique travel experiences is becoming a booming business for Americans. US citizens have grown tired of visiting the usual locations like Mexico and Monte Carlo. Caribbean cruises have become a thing of the boring past for experienced travelers. They are tired of the usual, safe spots and want to see something unusual. For people like this, it’s hard to imagine them excited by almost any usual holiday package, but probably an adventure-filled trip to Antarctica would get their juices flowing and their cameras snapping. You will gain a deeper understanding about adventure antarctica tours by checking out that resource.


Traveling to Antarctica is easier today than it has ever been. Sailing for three days, you?ll arrive in Antarctica.  You?ll take a twenty-four hour flight from New York to Ushuaia to meet the boat. Obviously, the fact that the US Navy maintains a presence in Antarctica virtually ensures one’s safety. The US and a few other countries have had bases on Antarctica since 1957. There’s no need to worry if the cruise ship gets caught in the ice or an adventurous tourist tumbles down an icy chasm; the U.S. Navy is always prepared to tackle any emergency, despite rumors that  American sailors often groan when they see a tourist boat docking.


What sorts of activities are available for a tourist in Antarctica? You can study the wildlife, as well as photograph them.  Expect to see whales, penguins, seals and many sea birds. Huge ash clouds can be seen spewing out of the top of a 12,000-foot high, icy, volcanic caldera. This sight alone easily trumps other volcanoes as tourist fare.


Who is your typical Antarctic traveler, who can afford $5,000 in travel fare to the continent? Doctors and scientists  make up the bulk of these extreme travelers. Married couples from every walk of life visit. Grandmas out for adventure also journey to Antarctica. A travel agency spokesperson said there is a huge increase in interest in Antarctica of late. Thank heavens for advancement in travel, according to the spokesman, because now everyone could see Antarctica.  It was no longer reserved for the few hearty explorers who?d made it there in the past. As a person looking for antarctica vacations you should visit that site.


According to a U.S. Navy representative, Navy states that the US government only asks that Antarctic tourists meet certain safety standards, rely on themselves and follow the international agreements for conservation and preservation of the continent. Conservationist and scientists are worried by this. Tons of tourists could swarm the continent, littering and harassing the wild life.  They could destroy the few historical monuments there.


For instance, there is a hut at Cape Royds in which a well-known explorer and his companions wintered and which is just as it was left in 1907 with canned goods in perfect condition on the shelves, their clothing hanging in the closets and pictures of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra hanging on the walls. The table holds a newspaper that had been printed in a major European city during that same year.


Even though they are over 900 miles away from the small hill, tourists still climb it get better photos of the Antarctic Mountains.  They house the South Pole. Historically, the Pole hasn’t been very photogenic; when the explorers got there all they saw was an endless expanse of flat ice. Today an eight-foot tall, blue and orange striped pole will greet you.  There?s a large silver reflective ball on the top of it.

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