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Knowing Everyone Can Sign Up for an Online US Passport Application Now

It is amazing how much more efficient we have become since the invention of the computer. Letters that used to take hours to type on a typewriter can now be produced in minutes with the use of word processing software. Travel to stores to find the perfect gift has been replaced by a quick Internet search. Even the passport application and renewal process has been simplified because people can now obtain an online pasport.

Gone are the days of traveling to the post office or U.S. Passport Agency to obtain a passport. Passport applicants can now go to the U.S. Department of State Web site in order to download and complete the required documents to obtain a passport. Passport renewals may be accomplished entirely via mail in certain situations. There are even independent companies that offer expedited processing of passport applications and they can be found online as well.

The services can offer different time frames in which the passport will be returned to the applicant. These times range anywhere from 7 to 10 days to as low as 1 to 2 business days, should an online passport be needed in an emergency. This does cost extra but in an emergency situation can be a great option is one is needed quickly.

The paperwork required for a new or renewal online U.S. passport is not voluminous. There are just the government form and one or two forms from the provider. Providers house all forms on their Web sites, for easy access and download by passport applicants. The forms should not take much time to complete.

The applicant will also need to provide copies of identifying documents. The main document required is a birth certificate. The format of the birth certificate must meet certain requirements, so it is important to check the provider’s Web site for these details. The applicant should provide the proper format of birth certificate in order to expedite processing time.

Secondary forms of ID are also required such as a copy of a driver’s license or state issued ID card. These should be no less than 6 months old as new licenses and IDs are not accepted on their own. There are secondary forms of ID that are accepted and a list of all of these will be found on the provider’s websites.

New passport photos will also be needed to be sent in along with the rest of the paperwork. These should be done by a professional who understands all of the requirements regarding these photos. One thing that is stressed on each website is that vending machine photos are unacceptable for use by the issuing agency.

The applicant should make copies of everything being mailed prior to packaging it to send to the processing company. This will provide a copy of the online USA passport documents for record-keeping purposes. The package should be sent via a carrier that uses a tracking system, in order for the applicant to verify receipt of the package. Within the desired time, the applicant will receive the new passport.