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Where to fly the superjumbo A380

In 2007, the Airbus A380 began service as the largest passenger plane ever put into service. The plane can seat 525 fliers in three classes! But airlines and airports have been slow to add the superjumbo aircraft to their U.S. routes. So many travelers still haven’t glimpsed these famous planes.

The following airports are equipped to handle these colossal jets, according to USA Today: Los Angeles, Montreal, New York (JFK), Toronto, and Washington Dulles.

Beginning May 10, San Francisco will welcome the A380, on Lufthansa’s route to Frankfurt, Germany, reports Jaunted. Air France will add flights on the giant of the sky from here to Paris in the summer.

Starting June 10, Miami will also feature its first ever A380 service, as Lufthansa introduces it for international routes, says The Miami Herald.

True, there was an incident of one of these superjumbos clipping the wing of a smaller plane at JFK airport. But in general, they have a good safety record.

Overseas, book with Lufthansa to fly between Frankfurt and Beijing in May and you can be sure you will be flying this famous plane, every day of the week. Emirates flies from Dubai to Shanghai every day on the supersize aircraft, too.

Here’s a video of this “jumbo jumbo” landing at London’s Heathrow airport:

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