Holiday Tips

Skiing Gears and Tips

Ski clothes

If you can help it, don’t buy specialist ski clothes for your first try – you might decide you never want to ski again. You can hire your boots where you hire your skis, and as for everything else, you can either borrow skiing gear or buy something that will double as everyday winter wear.Skiing for beginners

Don’t wear denim jeans on the slopes. They shrink when they are wet and can freeze. If you can, borrow a padded pair of ski trousers or padded dungarees known as salopettes (which keep your midriff warner). These won’t get as soaked by wet show.

  • When you are buying or borrowing trousers, make sure you can touch your toes and squat down in them comfortably.
  • If you don’t already own an anorak, invest in a padded ski jacket that you won’t feel embarrassed about wearing any time at home.
  • Many layers of thin clothing keep you warmer than one thick sweater.
  • You will also need ski mittens or gloves (mittens are considered to be warmer).
  • And you will want a warm hat – preferably one that covers your ears.

Ski boots

Make absolutely certain that the ski boots you hire it well and are comfortable. Don’t be rushed into taking the first pair you are offered. Take them back and change them if you find they hurt your feet.


You will also need sun-glasses or goggles to cut down the glare. Fix elastic or cord to the specs so you don’t lose them if you take a tumble. Plastic lenses are better than glass, which can shatter if you fall on them.

Without some protection for your eyes, you can suffer from snow blindness which makes eyes red and sore and will stop you skiing for a day or more.


In most general holiday resorts, evening dress is not glamorous, tracksuits or sweaters and warm cord trousers. You will need strong footwear for walking around in the snow. If you don’t have purpose built snow boots – wellingtons, even when you wear them with thick socks can make your feet feel very cold indeed.


You are not expected to tip lift attendants and few British holidaymakers tip their ski instructor or their holiday representative. If you are staying in a “chalet party” where the chalet staffs cook the meals, then it is a normal practice for the guests to take the cooks out for supper one evening.