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Skyscanner – the best website to find the cheapest flight

Skyscanner is one of the most popular flight search engines and is the clear winner. There are many ways you can find the cheapest flight on Skyscanner.


If you are in a mood of adventure and would like to fly to what ever destination that is cheapest, Skyscanner have covered for you! Just enter your Origin, select “Can’t decide where” and leave everything else as default.
It will pop up a list of countries along with the cost of flight!

Cheapest Month

This is another flavor where your Origin and destination is fixed but you are fine with playing with dates, this option will give you the cheapest month & day to fly!

Last Minute Deals

Go here to get all the cheapest last minute deals.


Not happy with the price? Set an alert an Skyscanner will email you once the price drop!!

Skyscanner Hotels

You can book your hotel stay as well from this website. It scans various hotel providers like,,, Hyatt, Expedia, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and many more.

Like any other Online Travel booking platform, Sky scanner has special business rates with the providers and it passes on some discounts to its customer while keeping their profits.

Covid Travel Information and Restrictions

I do not like that I have to cover this; it is quite a sad topic for travelers.

We know how scared everyone was and still is when the big Covid wave hit us, but now travel restrictions are lifting all over the world. You will be amazed to know that by using Skyscanner, you can get all the travel information related to Covid.

As soon as you hit the Live Map feature on the website, you will learn about the countries under high restrictions and are not entertaining non-residents or non-nationals and which countries are under lower restrictions but still require negative Covid test proof. 

However, you can register for travel updates and get country-specific email alerts about your favorite travel destination and their Covid registrations and travel guidelines.


Skyscanner categorizes flights by “best,” “cheapest,” and “fastest,” and — without fail — always offers the cheapest price.

For instance, in a search of round-trip flights from New York to London, all four other websites showed their cheapest flights for $520, while Skyscanner showed one for $512. For multi-city trips, Skyscanner is easy to use, too, allowing up to six destinations in one search. For a cheap traveler like me, Skyscanner is key.