Johannesburg Nightlife and Entertainment

Clubs and Bars

As far as clubs and bars are concerned, Johannesburg’s best venues are in and around the trendy suburbs of Melville and Rosebank, and the slightly seedy Rockey Street in Yeoville. Once one of the hippest districts in the country, where a non-racial culture flourished, long before apartheid collapsed – Rockey Street is now gone somewhat down-market and sports a disreputable, even dangerous air. However, that according to aficionados, only adds to the appeal.

Bands and Music

Thanks to Johannesburg’s position at the center of South African music industry, most of the country’s top bands are based here. At any one time, expect to choose from a rich cross-section of acts from standard rock, pop and dance music to the snappy sounds of township jive, Afro-jazz and gospel.

Kippies, Bree Street

Kippies, in the Market Theatre complex in Bree Street is named for legendary 1950s saxophone player Kippie Moeketsi, and specializes in township jazz.

Rockey Street

Rockey Street is a goold place to hear music from all over the African continent – it is not unusual to find artists from as far as Ghana, the Congo, Zimbabwe and Kenya performing here at assorted venues.


Local theatre is to a high standard, both in terms of productions and facilities. Well-established venues include the Market Theatre and the New Precint; the cavernous modern Civic Theatre in Loveday Street; stages opera and ballet as well as theater.

Food and Dining

When it comes to eating out, Johannesburg caters to every taste. Northern suburbs foodies go into raptures over Linger Longer and Ile de France. For Portuguese and Italian communities support a range of unpretentious Mediterranean-style cafes. As for indigenous African cuisine, Gramadoelas at the Market Theatre Precinct serves up succulent versions for the rib-sticking cuisine, including potjiekos – stew cooked in a three-legged iron pot. Hip Iyavaya in Yeoville dishes up food from all over African, including ostrich steaks and mopani worms.

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