Johannesburg Shopping – Markets and Malls

Johannesburg’s famous shopping destination – the flea markets attract a large informal sector of traders from as far as Nigeria, Zaire and the Ivory Coast.

Newtown Africa Market

In the downtown area, Newtown Africa Market in Mary Fitzgerald Square, opposite the Market Theatre is home to the city’s original and most bohemian flea market. It has around 850 stalls, selling everything from street fashion to arty produce. Newtown Africa Market opens on every Saturday.

Mai Mai Market

Mai Mai Market which open from Monday to Friday is popular with migrant workers looking for fancy crafts such as wooden chests inlaid with illustrated panels or hand-made stools, to take back home after completing their stint on the mines. Mai Mai Market is tucked away at the bottom of Anderson Street and well worth the trouble it takes to find.

Flea Market World

A 10-minute drive from the city center northeast on the airport road to the distrust of Bruma, you will find Flea Market World. Flea Market World has more than 600 stalls here and the quality of crafts is generally good, particularly the carved wooden masks and sticks and the printed fabric. Free entertainment is laid on too, from buskers to Zulu dancers. On Thursdays and Saturdays, there are activities such as face-painting and bouncy castles for children.

Rosebank Mall Rooftop Market

The Rosebank Mall Rooftop Market that open on Sundays and public holidays is about half-an-hour’s drive from the city center in the smart northern suburb of Rose bank, on the top floor of the mall’s parking lot. Bargain hunters will find patience is rewarded here. There are over 500 stalls, including several selling high quality antique fetishes, spears and carvings. Haggling is expected.

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