Independent Spirits of Arequipa

Arequipenas are a proud lot and a century ago they started a movement to secede from Peru. Even today Lima residents heading south to the “White City”, jokingly as one another if they have remembered to bring along passports.


Outside Arequipa, set in beautiful countryside is Sabandia and a flour mill that was restored stone by stone in 1973.

Colca Canyon

Three hours away and drawing nearly as much tourist attention as the city itself is the Colca Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States. From the the Colca River at its base to the mountain above, the chasm reaches depths of 3400 meters. Colca and the slightly deeper Cotahuasi Canyon also near Arequipa are believed to be the world’s deepest.

Cruz del Condor

At the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, you may even see a condor soaring on the warm thermal currents. The area is accessible on an organized canyon trip or trek; by bus from Arequipa then switching to burros (donkeys); or by the thrice-weekly Arequipo-Puyo train which stops at Sumbay near Colca.

Arequipo’s local Food

To unwind in Arequipo after a hard day’s sightseeing, do what the locals do and head to a picanteria for a cold Arequipena beer and some spicy stuffed peppers, rabbit or marinated pork. Your been will be accompanied by a dish of Cancha – salty fried corn for munching.

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