Dunhuang China

Dunhuang, one of China’s oldest and most famous historical towns, was a communication hub in the Silk Road. The world famous Mogao Grottoes aside, there are other historical relics and tourist attractions such as Mingsha Mountain, the Crescent Moon Spring, Yangguan Pass, etc.

Magao Grottoes

Magao Grottoes the world famous historical and cultural site. It houses 4500 sq meter of color murals and over 2000 painted sculptures create during the 4th century.

Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring

MIngsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring feature the rare side by side co-existence of quick sand and spring in a natural environment. Here tourists can hear the sound of moving quick sand from the mountain and enjoy the spectacular view of the golden sand submerged under the crystal clear water.

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