Hami China

Hami, famous across China for sweet melons. Hami city, which has a long history, is made up of old city and new city. The old city was built in Yongzheng 5th year (1727) in Qing Dynasty. The new city was built in Tongzhi 7th year (1868), amban Wenlin of Hami.

Barkul Grassland

Barkul Grassland is Xinjiang’s second largest grassland. It is a very beautiful grassland where you can see green grass lined mountains, Khazakh yurts, horses, camels and sheep grazing. It is a beautiful summer tourist resort.

Islamic King Tomb

Islamic King Tomb lies in a place of 2km south in city, was built around 1840, buried past dynasty’s kings of Hui and their queens.

Virgin Australia