Urumqi Travel

At the start of the Silk Road travel, you will arrive at Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Urumqi is an important city in China’s northwest. Located on the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountain, Urumqi is inhabited by many ethnic minorities.


Tianchi also known as Heavenly Lake, is about 129km from Urumqi. The mountain lake is 4.9 sq meter in area, 90 meters deep and 1980 above sea level. Chinese legend has it that Chinese Emperor Mu visited Tianchi 3000 years ago.

Nanshan Pasture

Nanshan Pasture, about 75km from Urumqi, is a summer resort. It is a vast pastureland. There is a 40-meter waterfall here. There is a wide range of sport activities open to tourists.

Red Hill Park towers

Red Hill Park towers in the heart of Urumqi. At 1391 above sea level, the top of the mountain in shaped like a tiger. Legend has it that the area was part of the ocean.

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