Tour Tibet to the Roof of the World

Potala Tibet

While you are on Tibet vacations, Potala is a must visit destinations holidays. Build on top of the Red Hill in the centre of Lhasa. It is the largest museum of culture relics in Tibet. The palace proper contains 13 stories and is 117.19 meters high. Inside divide into – Red Palace, composed of Dalai Lamas’ Saint Ashes Pagodas and different temples; White Palace is the place where Dalai Lamas live and work.

Sera Monastery Tibet

While you are on travel Tibet, Lhasa will the very Located at the north part of Lhasa, was built by one of the eight of disciples of Chongkhapa-Sakyayishi, who was erudite and knew Buddhist scriptures by heart.

Tashilumpo Monastery

Build by the presiding of the first Dalai Lama Gengduenjuba, the disciple of Tsongkhapa. It is located at the foot of Nima Hill near Lhasa. A 22.4 meters gilded copper statue of Amitsbha Meitriya, the world tallest, is enshrined and worshipped in it.

Yamdrok Yamtso

Located in Lang Kazi country, Resemble a big blue jade among mountains, with cattles grazing around and water birds flying up and down.

Baiju Monastery

Located at the west side of Chengge mountain, Gyantse county, it is uniquely dwelt by 3 religious sects – Sakya, Gedan and Gelu. The 9 floors (32.5 meters) high Baiji Pagoda beside the monastery is marvelous. It has 108 doors, 77 Buddhist shrine and 100 000 Buddhist statues in it.

Qomolangma Peak

Straddle over the boundary of China and Nepal, it is 8848.13 meters above sea level. The Rongbu Temple at the peak’s foot claims the world highest temple. It is only 40km to the peak and becomes the headquarter of north-side climbing.

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