Kunming Travel

Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province. It is a famous tourist city, named a national historical and cultural city. It is situated at an altitude between 1500 meters and 2800 meters above the sea level. It Is not hot in summer, not cold in winter and plants are green all years round, so Kunming is called the “city of perpetual spring”.

Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is the highest karst terrain in the world and national scenic area in China. In the scenic area one can see stone forest, known as “No. 1 wonder under the heaven”.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple itself sits atop the Mingfeng Mountain. It is cast of 250 tons of solid bronze, making it the largest bronze hall in China.

West Hill Dragon Gate

West Hill (Xishan) is known for stone sculptures on the cliff, represent by the Dragon Gate.

Yuantong temple

It is the grandest and most active temple in Kunming with a history of more than 1200 years. It is a destination of pilgrimage for pilgrims worldwide.

Daguang Pavilion

Daguang, means “grand view”. At the entrance of the pavilion, there is a long couplet which written by a famous Qing Dynasty scholar named Sun Ran.

Lake Dianchi

Dianchi Lake is one of the Chinese government’s key lake restoration priorities. Dianchi is the largest lake in Yunnan and one of the ten largest lakes in China.

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