Johor Attractions – Heritage and Culture

The museums and galleries of Johor provide a fascinating window on its colorful history and potpourri of cultures.

Johor Lama Fort

The Johor Lama Fort is located about 27km from the Kota Tinggi town in Teluk Sengat. This historical site was the royal seat of the Johor sultanate until 1587, when a dispute between the sultanate and the Portuguese led to its raid and decline. Subsequently, the capital was moved to Johor Bahru.

Johor Art Gallery

The Johor Art Gallery was built in 1910. The gallery exhibits clothing, weapons, currency and manuscripts as well as examples of calligraphy and ceramic items, along with artworks.
Opening hours: 8am-5pm (closed on Fridays and public holidays)
Admission fee: RM1 (adult and child)

Pasir Gudang Kite Museum

This museum is dedicated to the traditional Malay kite know as the wau. Here you can view a collection of these traditional kits in various colours and designs as well as a recorded segment on kite-making. Pasir Gudang is also the venue for the annual International Kite Festival.
Opening hours: 9.30am-5pm
Admission fee: RM2 (adult) RM1(child)

Tanjung Balau Fisherman Museum

This museum depicts the lifestyle of fishermen. This unique museum displays equipment such as nets, traps and boats used by the fisher folk. Learn more about ancient fishing techniques as well as local beliefs and superstitions related to the sea here.
Opening hours: 8am-5pm
Admission fee: RM1(adult) RM0.50(child)


Experience the lifestyle of the various Malay communities in Johor through the homestay program. Apart from gaining a better understanding of local culture, visitors will also be exposed to other aspects of village life through visits to farms, plantations, cottage industries as well as local attractions. Throughout the stay, visitors may also be treated to cultural performances, mock weddings, cooking and handicraft-making demonstrations and many more. As programs may vary, visitors are advised to contact the respective homestay coordinators.

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