Temples and Cultural Kuching Sarawak

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Kuching has many ornate Chinese temples and this is the oldest in the city. A celebration to commemorate the spirit of the dead is especially popular here. This celebration is called Wang Kang. The temple was built in 1843 but official records only recognized its existence in 1876.

Sarawak Cultural Village

This award winning attraction is known as the ‘Living Museum’. It showcases traditional longhouse dwellings of the various ethnic groups in the state. There are arts and crafts demonstrations as well as musical presentations. It is set within 15 acres of natural jungle in the foothills of the famous Santubong Mountain. Nearby is Sarawak’s premier beach resort known as Damai. Open daily from 9.00am – 4.45pm.

Longhouse Tours

Ethnic groups in Sarawak live in longhouses. A longhouse accommodates all the families in the village under one roof. Families have separate rooms while members group together in the veranda for communal activities. Join a longhouse tour and learn more about the different ethnic cultures in Sarawak.

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