Kuching Waterfront and Sunday Market

Kuching Waterfront Main Bazaar

Visitors should explore the oldest street in the city situated just opposite the water front. Kuching’s highest concentration of antique and handicraft shops are to be found here. Favorite items here include Iban pua kumbu (hand-woven rugs), Orang Ulu beadwork and woodcarving, Bidayuh basket weaving, Penan blowpipes, a variety of bags and so much more. Shoppers can rest in-between their bargaining sessions in a number of Chinese-style coffee shops lining the streets.

Jalan Satok Sunday Market

Satok Market is a must local shopping destination. You can find all kinds of unusual fruits, herbs and plants. Villagers bring their fresh jungle produce and livestock. Here you may see different types of meat displayed with fresh jungle herbs and fruits not available elsewhere. Among them are the mulong work from the sago tree, edible wild herbs like midin, paku uban, belimbing Sarawak and the dabai fruit. Open for weekends. Saturday 1.00pm-10.00pm. Sunday 6.00am-12.00 noon.

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