St Lucia Attractions – Hot Sulfur Springs

Sulfur Springs

You may notice a sudden aroma of “bad eggs” in the air. The region of Sulfur Springs, just outside Soufriere is praised by the guides from the town as “the only drive-in volcano in the world”, because car parking as possible between the two bubbling springs for quite some time. Now the last few yards have to be covered on foot, because, of course, it got out of hand.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

The restorative powers of the steamy springs are harnessed in the water at Diamond Botanical Gardens. In the middle of the splendid garden, where orchids, flame trees and hibiscus bushes bloom, the hot water streams out of the ground into tiled basins at a temperature of around 100 degree Celsius.  A commemorative plaque announces that a creole girl from Martinique named Marie-Josephe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife-to-be, used to spend her holidays here in the 18th century because her father owned a plantation near Soufriere.

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